Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Heroes: An Invisible Thread(/Threat?)

From the Heroes season 3 finale, ep. 35

Mohinder Suresh:
There are nearly seven billion people on this planet.
Each one, unique, different.
What are the chances of that? And why?
Is it simply biology,
Physiology that determines this diversity?
A collection of thoughts, memories,
Experiences that carve out our own special place?
Or is it something more than this?
Perhaps there's a master plan
That drives the randomness of creation.
Something unknowable that dwells in the soul,
And presents each one of us
With a unique set of challenges
That will help us discover who we really are.

We are all connected.
Joined together by invisible flame.
Infinite in its potential, and fragile in its design.
Yet while connected,
We are also merely individuals.
Empty vessels to be filled with infinite possibilities.
An assortment of thoughts, beliefs.
A collection of disjointed memories and experiences.
Can I be me without these?
Can you be you?

"It's a new beginning, mom."

And if this invisible threat that holds us together
Were to sever, to cease... what then?
What will become of billions of lone, disconnected souls?
Therein lies the great quest of our lives.
To find, to connect...
to hold on.
For when our hearts are pure, and our thoughts in line,
We are all truly one,
Capable of repairing our fragile world
And creating a universe of infinite possibilities.

5 minutes till midnight on the (doomsday) clock.
Sylar gets his first watchmaker(watchman)-stimuli to maybe return to his own personality after being specially mk'd by Matt Parkman to become Nathan Petrelli so the heroes have a politician on their side after all the black ops heroes capturing.
The Invisible Threat, the shapeshifting politician, Nathan Petrelli/Sylar forms a pyramid with his hands. (for instance, the pyramid of the new heroes 'Company')


Bob Andelman said...

Check out this interview with Milo Ventimiglia and Adrian Pasdar in which they discuss the finale and their "special" relationship:

Dann said...

Do you know that there is a flaw spotted in this episode? Do take a look at this link or during 39.34 minutes when Nathan is reading the papers.