Saturday, April 11, 2009

Robert Anton Wilson - Religion for the hell of it

Hilarious, classic, check it out.

Robin Hood 3x02 Cause and Effect

Here are the Celts, depicted shamelessly, buying villagers from the Sherif of Nothingham to use as slave warriors. You gotta have a dot in a triangle of course, it's mirrored, who cares. To my limited knowledge that is not a Celtic symbol. At least Finn, on the right, gets redeemed somewhat at the end.
Here Robin and the Celt escape the prison tower with a Pyramid parachute. You know, outlaws going down the pyramid.

"Villagers are dying across England, the only thing the people have is a spark of hope called Robin Hood, he's an idea, something the people can believe in..." Doesn't that sound familiar?