Friday, November 18, 2011

F for Fake

So check out this amazing song's music video starring this apparently very confident young woman who seems to have been the victim of a horrible botox explosion... Seriously don't see the need for those hideous artificial lips, but maybe her management made her do it... They gave her her stage name in any case... Cause Elizabeth or Lizzy Grant sounds so mundane right...

Look in contrast at this second video at how insecure the girl is, and how she reacts to the question of her background. Wikipedia says she's the daughter of a "domain investor" so it's just not very interesting I guess. I'm just so shocked about the fakeness I had to post about this, why does the Record Industry insist on putting out Fake stuff out there, fake lips, attitude and name. I'd be even more smitten for this artist if she didn't have those scary ass lips. Her songs are beautiful, I just really hope she can ditch her retarded management and get the confidence she portrays in that first video, well maybe not that much. Ok silly rant over.

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