Thursday, June 7, 2012

George Harrison - Living in the Material World documentary

Great and long documentary about George Harrison and the Beatles directed by Martin Scorsese, I only saw part 1 so far, watching the second today. I found an evaluation copy online here of part 2. Part 1 included some great clips of the Beatles talking about LSD and meditation and their search for spirituality after having conquered the material world very eary on, for example John Lennon and George Harrison talking on a tv show about meditation and what the purpose of a mantra is. Gonna jump on my hometrainer and watch the 2nd part in a bit. If you're even slightly spiritual and a fan of the Beatles you have to see this so try to get a hold of it, couldn't find the first part online yet unfortunately.

Here is that great clip (in bad quality) about meditation I mentioned earlier:

added: I'm watching the beginning of part 2, it's pouring rain outside with the window slightly open and I'm riding the hometrainer bicycle, after about ten minutes in, and they start talking about the song 'Here comes the Sun', Eric Clapton is talking about walking around in the garden with George playing guitar, "and the sun was shining" - and outside my house the sun comes out when the words part Clapton's lips- "and it's a beautiful morning and we started to sing 'Here comes the sun' the opening lines you know, and I just watched this thing come to life." - and the rain faded away and stopped to be replaced by sunshine. Wonderful synchronicity :)

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