Monday, June 4, 2012

Karma Weed Dragon Choo-Choo Train Mushroom


SURESHOT1978 said...



i love Adam carolla
hes going to be at the Barnes & nobles on the 22nd right next to my JOB!!
right after i get off!!!?!


im super excited.

im gonna get my book signed.

i wanted to ask you

speaking of KARMA,
what do you think about the concept of
what i mean is that like you know how if something happens to someone
thats an asshole?
you go Serves him right!

and immediattely you hear
"KARMA".. thats FUCKING KARMA dude.

what if i feel like breaking into someone car,
or i get the URGE to fuck some dudes Girlfriend?
or i take an old dudes wallet at the GYM?

am i by being directed by that guy's KARMA?

am i an instrument of
of the UNIVERSE here to exact Vengeance for this persons
ill deeds?

honest question.

i never heard anybody ever ask this.

am i aline in this?
could this in fact be a LOOP HOLE
for the Criminal minded?

does my ass look FAT in these jeans?!?


so many questions..
me llamo

what did you tink of the new tracks Mr. Dedroid?

Dedroidify said...

Sup bro!

I don't know Adam Carolla very well actually! He has a book? Tell me something about the guy.

I have a few reality tunnels considering karma, here are the 2 most obvious:
1) there is no karma and a lot of coincidence -> this one helps to remain sane in weird times.

2) there is only karma and there is no such thing as coincidence and everything happens for a reason -> this is fun when things go right and educative when things go bad

I shift between reality tunnels as I see necessary, and believe nothing.

I don't think it's anyone's job to teach someone a lesson (though it obviously will happen inevitably), though sometimes I do as I'm only human, because I'm more worried about the bad karma I'd be creating instead of the righteousness of showing someone what's up. If the person is meant to learn something, it will happen regardless of us.

If you feel like breaking into someone's car - don't ;p.

If you get the urge to fuck some dudes girlfriend - go right ahead, I'm an extremely morally minded person and have been single for almost a decade just because of my ridiculous morality, she's not his property and monogamy is a human invention. "some dudes gf" is just language, she is a standalone entity!

From experience, sombunall women are insane, I've had one woman glued to my jaw once trying to kiss me and I didn't budge because she was married, a few weeks later she was pregnant by her man - yikes :p now that is scary, and I'm kinda glad they are still together and I didn't get saddled up with a messy situation, but Aphrodite be blessed, throw me a bone universe :p

I'd say don't take the old dude's wallet, he's old he's been through enough shit on this planet undoubtedly lol.

While I'm enjoying myself on this pedestal I'd say don't be directed at all, you are the captain you steer the ship, screw all else.

It's not a loop hole, it's a trap, in my most prevalent opinion ;)

LOL, I don't look at other guys asses so I wouldn't know!

The new tracks are awesome sorry it took me so long, post up pimping that shizzle! yeeha!

My favorite is Curse the day, though I'd bless it instead!

Peace bro

SURESHOT1978 said...


I fucking love you man!!?!

this is why i love
interacting with you you know that?

you should!

i thought those things that you said
as well..
i basically agree whole heartedly
with the whole gawdamn LOT!

i meander around
constantly trying to find fantastic new ways to stimulate my
Head space.

by the by?..
i dont break into peoples cars
i have "dabled"
if you will?
in the OTHER DUDES GF part
in years past
and thats basically what i
felt my logic was.

you dont belong to anybody,
you are your own person,
if you werent getting these urges?
and didnt feel the need to bring me
you wouldn't have.

but our pheromones or what ever it was that sparked this fire?
has created an immediate need
for us to go yonder into the forest in search of kindling
all in the hopes that we can make this mutherf*#ker BURN BRIGHT!!

whats the kindling?
why conversation, silence, the smell of your hair, the goosebumps that crawl over you when
you feel me getting close.

now allow me to lose myself
and swim circles in the whites
of your eyes!


gawdamn if you and everybody i meet doesnt tell me thats probably their favorite.

someday duder..
we need to have a beer.

we need to have a beer
and talk about
how today is yesterdays

reporting Live from Baghdad
Your friend & Mine..
me llamo

Dedroidify said...

haha then curse that song and write even better ones buddy

I don't like much beer though I recently learned to drink the Belgian beer Duvel (being Belgian and all)

Maybe someday!

SURESHOT1978 said...

Well how you feel about tequila?

Cause I feel like celebrating!!

Me llamo
Sure shot!!

Dedroidify said...

As for alcohol I only rarely drink champagne and good wine, I'm more a fan of plants if you know what I'm toking.

SURESHOT1978 said...

I'm definetly picking up,
What your putting down
My brother!!

And I am "down like four flat tires"!!
Hey by the way your in Belgium duder?
Me llamo
Sure shot!!

Dedroidify said...

Haha, yeah I'm a Flemish Belgian. Where are you at?

SURESHOT1978 said...

Garden Grove Ca.
in the Good'Ol US of A!


i dig that George harrison Doc you put up man..

it was awesome to se their recording session
and the way
George Harrison &
Paul would argue when they were working it out..
Paul has such a Mellow Way about him - John & George seem more

Now Ringo,
theres someone who played his cards right man.

me llamo

Dedroidify said...

lol ye they had a few rows when recording it seems, I think that's inevitable. John & George seemed very intense, I'm kinda like them though strive to be more like Paul and Ringo and I'm getting better at it all the time imho.

Of course, I don't have to work very hard to be like Ringo, that's my name after all ;p though I'm sure you knew that already ;)

SURESHOT1978 said...

im like Ringo & Paul
if they artificially inseminated
Johns wife & john also got her pregnant at the same time
so then his wife has conjoined twins only theres some complications so
they have to separate them
as babaies but then one of the twins dies
but the one that survives has
some of the other ones essence..
and then he grows up
and has a kid of his own.

that would be me.

me llamo

Well RINGO..
my Gov. Name is David
i went with sure shot!
because i was named David
for Biblical reasons.

so i just took that & ran with it,
the way i tell it..
my moms named me David after
the dude who killed the Giant with one swift sling of his stone!

i guess you could call him


and thats how i got my name.

wierd how im in a band called
now that i think about it..

Dedroidify said...

haha that is awesome David & Sure Shot and the band name lol! You can't make that stuff up! That's one crazy ouroboros name cycle you got going there! I love it!

Oh by the way do you want me to add MIGHTY MIGHTY to my blogpost pimping your tunes? I took the name from the link.

I love playing with words and names so here ringoes: Ringo(f)Fire, Ringo(f)Frost, Lord of the Rings, Riggingingoogoo, Ringodingalong, RingoBingo stand on one leg YogaFLAMINGo, Ringo Stargate, Ringo Dizzledo, Ringo StarT, NigroStar=Blackstar, Gringo, Ringoforit, Ringo=Apple in Japanese, so I'm the Forbidden Fruit! and more craziness yeeha!

Dedroidify said...

You're from Garden Grove! do you know this song? One of my favs

SURESHOT1978 said...

Hells YEAH!!
believe it or not
i actually lived in LONG BEACH
for 5 years & i lived on Ocean Blvd. i would see the guys from DUB Allstars riding their bikes down the beach all the time.

i love Sublime!
they bring back memories.

i love the ocean
i lived in a beach house
where i rented a room from a really cool stoner lady who
rented her rooms to foreign exchange students
and so i lived with
a danish girl, a japanese dude,
a hai girl.. you name it.

it was awesome!!

my bedroom faced the ocean so i would sleep hearing the waves crash
and the breeze would fill my lungs with the salty cool air
from the beach.


me llamo
sure shoT!!

SURESHOT1978 said...

i just looked up ouroboros
and i DIG IT!!!

i didnt know what the hell that meant.


your the forbidden fruit of knowledge!!


me llamo
sure shoT!!