Thursday, August 23, 2012

Beliefs are a funny thing

 Just shoot the picture, don't shoot us, shoot the picture!
 They look soooo happy.
 "No really, I think RATM is so narly."

Awe! (As are your contributions)


Peter Andrew Faber said...

That RATM thing makes me cringe and giggle at the same time. Likewise the church sign is both heartwarming and suspicious to me(as I am of all religion).

Your posts are excellent at eliciting simultaneously contrasting emotional states, in me at least. I applaud you!

Dedroidify said...

Haha yeah I agree with ya on everything. And yeah! More than one reality tunnel-observe mode - even contrasting reality tunnels is what makes life so fascinating!

Thanks buddy, I feel kinda sorry that I'm too busy and can't post more interesting stuff than these images I like though I'm sure some appreciate the pics more than the wall of text weeks with illuminatus excerpts haha :)

Peter Andrew Faber said...

Nah, I think the combination of both image and text-wall is good. It's a mixed bag, suited to a wide audience, and a wide range of moods within each audience member!

What is it in our social programming that condemns one that holds simultaneously (or consecutively) contrasting ideas? It's as if to contradict yourself on any one thing is worse than any possible single viewpoint.
I think the words to describe this sort of behaviour are generally linked to negativity in people's minds too.

I've been studying this in some people I interact with: When I tell them I adhere to some behaviour that apparently contradicts my previous 'adherences,' they can't seem to handle it. Some individuals get quite argumentative over it, much to my entertainment.
Also, telling people you put in a blank donkey vote at a political election (in a 2 party system like Australia) sometimes elicits similar responses.

These ideas have been a part of my attempted unfolding recently.