Friday, August 24, 2012

Graham Hancock questions Richard Dawkins on psychedelics and challenging his world view

I was surprised by his openminded answer, now just go and do it Richard.


Brizdaz (Darren) said...

If you want to hear a good audio interview about the use of psychedelics in the path of a modern shamanic initiate.
Mike Clelland interviews Jonathan Talot Phillips author of
"The Electric Jesus" with an introduction written by Graham Hancock himself in the front of the book.

On its own … spiritual liberation will never be enough. If the new humans are to survive, Jonathan warns, they will also have to be spiritual warriors … capable of standing up to the Western materialism machine, so we can create sustainable societies that care for their citizens, harmonize with the cycles of nature, and receive and honor the vast healing light that quietly connects us all.
What’s great about Jonathan is that he doesn’t just talk the talk. He absolutely walks the walk – whether as an energy healer, as a resolute explorer of non-ordinary realms... and he has a compelling story to tell.

- Graham Hancock, excerpt from the Introduction of The Electric Jesus.

Dedroidify said...

Will give that a listen soon, thanks :)

Peter Andrew Faber said...

Cool, what a good response! In my own experience, a lot of scientists lack this sort of rationality, and are unwilling to dabble in interesting and relatively benign things because society deems them as inappropriate.

It appears to me that pure science is testing, observing, and adjusts preexisting models. I think when it severs itself from assumption and belief (which seems to be very, very elusive) it becomes more 'cutting edge' and revelatory.

I really admire scientists who can get past their own cultural boundaries. Good post, thanks for sharing!