Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bit overly overt symbolism right here...

I can't in good conscience embed this kind of horrible shit, not even tagging the post with "music" :p, but if you feel you can waste a few minutes of your life check Ke$ha's die young video.
Got pentagrams? And that's a card of of Baphomet/the devil tarot card she pulls out at 1.31; I'm not drawing any conclusions like people in the comments, I just wonder why the music industry does this, well for one I can see that resorting to magick is necessary trying to sell this ear pollution ;)


Tristan Eldritch said...

Seems to me like a tacky mainstreaming of the underground imagery of witchhouse, particularly the videos of Mater Suspiria Vision and how they use occult imagery and framing triangles.

Clarence Daniel said...

... who are they trying to kid on with this shit?

the 5m views in 3 days has me concerned. i think it's alright for those of us with a conscious view of what they're doing, we can dismiss it by saying "aw that's what it is", but the fact is they're still doing it, and how many people are taking the tune just for sheer enjoyment? quietly absorbing the intention.

we can observe it, but what about those who don't know better?

i was literally just speaking with someone about the promotion of suicide through media as well, might explain why i'm acutely wired with this.

thanks for linking.

Tristan Eldritch said...

From Elvis's hips through Jagger's lips and the Beatles' drug references and Bowie's transvestism and Led Zep's cultivated air of diabolism, older people have existed in state of perpetual moral panic regarding popular music and What It Is Doing to Our Children. The quality of the music may have declined profoundly, but the level of threat remains roughly the same.