Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I hope Obama wins

Just wanted to express I hope the democrat puppet wins over the republican one. I've posted a lot under the hope-nosis tag to wake some people up that Obama isn't what his fervent supporters hope he was during the last election. That being said, he has far exceeded my expectations and is a president I can respect. Romney is a depressing candidate, pandering to the ignorant conservative population in the US as any republican puppet before him. So I wish you all the best Barack Obama, and truly hope you win the election!


MIDIconfessions said...

sucks you had to go there.
i hope we have a revolution of the hearts and minds of everyone, realizing this isn't the way things should be.
mental slavery is a bitch.

MIDIconfessions said...

been coming here since 2008...always good stuff.
rik clay
committee of 300
man those were the days lol

SURESHOT1978 said...

i feel you brother..
im glad this Doosh one
& not the other doosh.

i sometimes feel like
even if your not a Doosh
and you go into the politics game with
good intentions?

you probably wont end up making
much of a difference at the end of the day..
because theres too many people with too much at stake
to really let you do anything too drastic.

which is a way NEGATIVE NELLY
way to feel & it sucks
but its ok.

i let my self go there sometimes
& hen i remember
that i can make small changes & cause changes
in my immediate surroundings.

and that gives me hope.

as a human being
& also as a spirit living
in the material world.

me llamo
and i approve this SUPER HIPPY Message.


Dedroidify said...

tnx midi!

lol sure shot! I approve of this super hippy message too!