Friday, March 9, 2012

A most enlightening religion

No Coincidences - or how my co-worker related his NDE in my first week at the new job

So this morning at my job I got paired up with someone who knows the ropes already. At first the guy seemed very resistant to training someone new and so angry lol, he was quite big too so it was sort of intimidating. Though I just kept in the back of my head that today was friday, the day of Netzach, Feeling(s) Victorious and nothing was gonna get me off my balance. And it just smoothed out from there on out. At the end of the day though - and mind you, I don't share my spiritual mystical side with anyone, as far as most of the outside world is concerned I'm a happy little material atheist - this man decides to share a story with me about why he needs neck surgery. Including a full report of his Near Death Experience that went along with it. He was choking on his vomit while being seasick during a fishing trip on a boat on the Canal between Belgium and Britain and was turning blue, his paratrooper friend (who, having had his chute not open right once, also had an NDE) saw him on the floor after the bucket rolled over to him and sped towards him to use his fingers to get the blockage out of the man's throat and shouting COME BACK D!
D. told me he never felt such bliss as where he was, and he knew he wasn't alone there. He told me he got all his questions answered, and that he knows that there is something after this life, that this is just a phase, a test. He said that he knows that when death comes, he will embrace it with open arms and there is no need to fear at all. After a while in the distance he heard his friend shouting at him to come back and did, and he was angry at him for a long, long time getting him back cause it felt so blissful where he was. He said it's very weird to have experienced it, as some commit suicide or go crazy having gone through it. I didn't feel the need to share my experience of Kether or Circuit 8 non-dual bliss and having seen Death wave a pair of scissors at me in a tuxedo :p. But I just went home with a huge smile on my face. Also, the neighbor at work of this guy, showed me a tattoo he's setting, it's in Chinese characters and the first is To Be, but more comprehensive that just being, it's also becoming. And the second character meant "Respectful", so to be or becoming respectful, and D. was joking "toward the animals!" to which the neighbor replied "yes and the stones and the grass ;)". Well, that's a nice wrap-up of my first week there :p Can't wait to see what's next!

Tim Leary, Robert Wilson, 90’s Psychedelia

Via Erocx1

Sound Photosynthesis presents PSYCHEDELICS IN THE 1990'S - MAPS Conference Compilation. Historical. A gathering together to discuss the fate of psychedelics in the 1990's and their possible regulation or continued prohibition, are a group of speakers with divergent views and past experiences. Nevertheless, they share a deep commitment to the development of a constructive policy towards psychedelics. They graciously agreed to speak to help raise funds for psychedelic research, a field that has been at a standstill for a generation. Participants were: Timothy Leary, Alice Agar Wittine, Ram Dass, Rick Doblin, Mark Kleiman, Robert Zanger, Terence McKenna, Emerson Jackson, Ralph Matzner, Andrew Weil, Laura Huxley, Dennis McKenna, Jerome Beck, and Bruce Eisner. This is the closest you will get if you weren't there to begin with...if you were, this is better than your memories.

Robert Anton Wilson & Timothy Leary @ The Bridge Psychedelic Conference 1991:

Sound Photosynthesis presents Robert Anton Wilson & Timothy Leary @ The Bridge Psychedelic Conference 1991. For the full length recording please contact us at

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