Sunday, June 3, 2012

What Is the Integral Movement?

Stop slacking already D

Hey kids, apologies again for the drought here. I'm learning japanese (it's quite fun for anyone thinking about it, the only thing that annoys me is that their verbs are at the end of the sentence), I'm training off my tummy (just GTFO fat!), and I was endulging in a bit (ok a lot) of hedonism last few weeks with friends, the sun, Mary Jane and Diablo 3 (when the goddamn blessed servers are online). This week I'm resuming my meditation practice more regularly and will be doing some more rituals and I'll have some more time to post some stuff (hopefully).

I always do this, I meditate up to a point where I feel chakra swirling constantly to the point where a transcendent experience is pushing it's way in almost and then life gets so good I start seeing tons of people and getting access to weed easily and suddenly the meditation halts to almost a complete stop. I've committted this time that the next time I'm about to pierce through a dimension I'll go through with it instead of freaking out. I mean seriously me, why the hell are you meditating anyway! Lastly, I want to wave to Aphrodite, I'M RIGHT HERE GODDESS, throw a guy a freaking bone already. For some reason I hear her whispering "then stop ignoring me!" I need to post about what's going on more often I just had a nice realization I don't care to explain lol.

added: broke sprained my damn blessed toe today running into a hometrainer bicycle :p (yeeha! while black & blue, it's only sprained)
added²: thanks James :p