Sunday, July 8, 2012

Consider all the things!

"Yes but does it line up with solstices and shit?"

"Comb the desert!"

Yeah, good luck with that!


Muse - Survival (London Olympics 2012 song)

Two full live perfect shows, in Reading and Seattle.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Politicians are like sperm...

The Mayans got something right (was the text with this image ;p)

 In my teens a funeral director drove me off the road on my scooter ;p

The online banking program I support at my job only works on IE, hilarious trying to explain this to customers. Not so hilarious trying to operate our own databases which also only operate on IE... ouch. (It's because it's the only browser that fully supports native Microsoft ActiveX.)

Monday, July 2, 2012

Rock Werchter saturday

Enjoy some live videos of what I saw this saturday at Rock Werchter.

Wolfmother - Woman
Like Mike Patton, I really don't like Wolfmother much but this opener song was ok.

Kasabian - Where did all the love go
Freaking awesome rock & roll.

Mumford & Sons - the Cave
Best singalong huge barnyard party I ever had, can't wait for the new album in september.

The XX - Shelter
Boring, instead of using the great moments on the album live, they play their music even more mellow, which was thought to be impossible...

Regina Spektor - Us
Unfortunately had to miss Regina to find a spot close upfront for Editors, worth it considering this video missing a few notes there :p.

Editors full set
One of my favorite bands ever, seen them twice, very different shows, very awesome shows. Enjoy the full set!

Chase & Status - It's no problem for me but it's a problem for you!
Dance finisher, some great moments.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Us VS Them

42 Minutes

Check out the live recorded podcasts of 42 Minutes featuring talks with many interesting bloggers from the Sync community. They are also on the facebook page of the Sync Book.

It's Not Night: It's Space & Their First LP

From Darren: "For all you sync heads and music lovers out there,just a reminder that "It's Not Night: It's Space" need just under $1000 in 5 days to get their first album recorded. So go here to throw your spare change at them -

Let's launch these guys onto vinyl.
You can do it!"