Monday, November 12, 2012

Max Igan - You Are Perfect

The jokes make 2000 years of oppression almost worth it, ok maybe not

The major perk of breaking up with Mary Jane: Remembering Dreams

So one thing that really sucks about smoking weed is I don't remember any dreams anymore, very rarely a snippet here or there but basically none whatsoever. But I've quit for a few days now and they're back! Last night, I dreamt I fell in love - awwww ;p - which felt amazing considering I've been single for almost a decade (seriously, what gives universe!? Even magick ain't helping me out! Mostly cause I'm so bad at it :p). 

What's not so great is the withdrawel, don't laugh, I'm not only suffering withdrawel from weed which basically just makes me grumpy for 2-3 days usually, but also nicotine (we smoke our weed with tobacco here), and I've quit drinking coca cola to lose my belly (the non-aspartame kind) so I'm feeling an absence of sugar and caffeine too. I feel about as fucking bad as you can get without being sick or in pain lol :p, I hope it clears up soon! The fictional butterflies help tough!