Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Matthew Barber - Where the river bends

Got a point there

Well, that sure is interesting!

So my mom had these constant pains in her back, shoulders and arms. She went to see several specialists who could find nothing. She went to the hospital and got her entire body checked in several sessions under the supervision of my bro-in-law who used to be a nurse, they could find nothing. She tried accupuncture which did nothing for her. But then a friend of hers referred her to a doctor who was registered as being a chiropractor. Only when she arrived, she encountered an energy healer instead of a chiropractor who did a short treatment, including punching something close to her ear :p and some other weird stuff I can't remember. He said he worked with energy fields and that she hadn't processed something that happened to her 25 years ago, my mom nor anyone close to her can remember any special event that happened then but maybe the memory is blocked or he is just wrong ;p. But after one treatment... the pain is gone, it's all gone. Months of suffering over. Isn't that crazy?! I'm going to see him too for my ailments that conventional medicine and specialists can't seem to cure and will be happy to share a full report.