Thursday, November 15, 2012

Alan Watts - The Quaking Mess (Ego)

May I direct your attention to the abysmal state of the NLP wikipedia page and the very bleak future of psychology and mental health

This is gonna be an emotional post, now forgive me as I'm not an author or a scholar and this won't come off too professional, it will be personal, but hey, someone's gotta do it. Give this filth a read taken from the Neuro-linguistic Programming page:
Reviews of empirical research on NLP indicate that NLP contains numerous factual errors,[10][12] and has failed to produce reliable results for the claims for effectiveness made by NLP's originators and proponents.[5][13] According to Devilly,[14] NLP is no longer as prevalent as it was in the 1970s and 1980s. Criticisms go beyond the lack of empirical evidence for effectiveness; critics say that NLP exhibits pseudoscientific characteristics,[14] title,[3] concepts and terminology.[6][15] NLP is used as an example of pseudoscience for facilitating the teaching of scientific literacy at the professional and university level.[7][16][17] NLP also appears on peer reviewed expert-consensus based lists of discredited interventions.[5] In research designed to identify the "quack factor" in modern mental health practice, Norcross et al. (2006) [15] list NLP as possibly or probably discredited, and in papers reviewing discredited interventions for substance and alcohol abuse, Norcross et al. (2010)[18] list NLP in the top ten most discredited, and Glasner-Edwards and Rawson (2010) list NLP as "certainly discredited".[19]
Now, I'm the first to admit that there are a lot of problems with NLP. Let me sum up a few: The exaggerated claims of some of the techniques. The insane cost price for getting certified as a Practitioner and even greater cost for getting certified as a teacher and the poor teaching of these courses at that. (I've learned everything I know online, and refuse to give these people this kind of money.) Heaping up too many techniques that are not proven to work well. Teachers and practitioners giving the field a bad name, naturally many kooky people are attracted to it. Richard Bandler's attitude...

Here are the facts that I've learned in my very short usage of NLP. I've helped two people overcome huge obstacles in their life, two, because those were the only clients I helped with NLP treatment, for free - you can see why I didn't persue a career in it, I couldn't find any clients, not even for free, that's how people value their mental sanity, but material crap, oh! That's way more important. I've helped a few more people with meditation advice and general help concerning the 8 circuit model. But pure NLP treatments, only two.

The first lady, had linked her overwhelming stress from her work as a nurse in a hospital, to getting into her car right after work. She could not drive a car anymore. Her mountain of stress was hardwired linked to getting into a car. Here's what I did, performed a swish-exercise were you summon the heavy problem-behaviour and replace it with a desired behaviour. She was a kinesthetic person (her primary sense was feeling) so we did it standing up and using feelings, hearing and sound. After the session, I did a short hypnosis session for her. We had to restart it because when "going down" the first time, she actually felt like she was falling. After the hypnosis, I dangled my keys in front of her and said let's go. She was ok with it, but would do it at home (not wanting to drive my car.) She has driven her car ever since that day. 
What would a psychologist or psychiatrist have done? Listened to her? Drugged her into driving her car? They would have syphoned money out this woman for months with 0 result.

The second, was a woman who was abused by her then partner. This motherfucking piece of shit monster, and there are millions, if not billions like this piece of shit on this planet, used to choke her. When trying to sleep, she saw and felt his hands grasping around her neck, her average sleep was around 3 hours a night. Do I have to tell you how bad one feels with 3 hours of sleep a night? 

I did a swish replacement session with her. Focusing on visuals, sounds and feelings. One example I remember is we changed the hands into the wings of a butterfly that flew away. Since then, 8 hours of sleep. 
What would a psychologist or a psychiatrist have done. Listened to her? Drugged her into sleep? They would have syphoned money out of this woman with 0 result.

Now I used to work for a company that produced vitamins. Everyday, we'd get tons of notes from doctors showing they prescribed the vitamins, and they'd get a percentage of that. The number of these were shocking and I was glad to get out of there, sure they're vitamins so they're not poison, but you can't honestly tell me that telling these people to eat healthier wouldn't have been better than prescribing food, money.
Guess what happens with anti-depressives and psychiatrists. You wonder why so many people are on anti-depressants, turned into near-fucking-zombies and some of them even going on killing sprees because apparently these drugs fuck with your empathy so bad, most of the shootings you hear in the news are done by sad fucks on anti-depressants. I know people on anti-depressants, and I don't want them near me. I also know most of them don't need those drugs, at all. They are giving this crap to kids now. Not even giving them a chance to grow emotionally into adulthood.

So here's our future. A field so broken with people disillusioned they are unwilling to learn from others. A money making scheme so evil and sad, you'd think it fiction. Please consider though, that there are a number of psychologists and psychiatrists that are using these techniques and my admiration towards them is infinite.

Consider this, how many people are broken? Do you know people with traumas? These are not regular humans, these people are broken in ways people with no traumas can not imagine. These people in turn affect their children and the people around them, and on occasion break a few people themselves. I've had a girlfriend so afraid of intimacy, the only reason being her mother was completely sexually broken by her family. She experienced none of this but was so afraid of what could happen that she closed herself off entirely. 

Consider all the kinds of abuse people inflict on eachother, and the vicious cycle it creates. The teachers, priests and people in power who abuse that power in a way we don't want to think about. Realize it will take centuries, if not millenia before we have a healthier society, we might already be wiped off the planet before it happens.

Here's what i know, some techniques of NLP work. They will fix a person's major lifelong problem in a half hour and we should use it and never unlearn them if we want a healthy future. Otherwise what we're looking at is a future of drugged idiots, who may or may not take a gun and start shooting around, creating even more broken and traumatized people and the cycle continues.

Good luck humanity, looks like you'll need it.