Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Thanks again to Relaxed Focus for these. 

Just wanna share, two of my buddies who do power training as I do, are both injured because they were (really) pushing it. One threw out his back, the other his shoulder, they liked to jest at me a bit cause I take it (very) easy. I knew I'd have the last laugh. I never do more than the exercises alotted tell me to and I won't work out a day if I feel I it's best left till tomorrow, I haven't been injured so far and any progress is progress. They will be losing a lot of their lead now that they're benched from doing anything and meanwhile my body is healthily developping on several fronts, which is all I care about.

Listen you fucking prick...

Mini-rant incoming

Well then I guess I do and I'm not setting foot on US soil until I know I'll be treated like a human being. I don't wanna go to jail for knocking an idiot in a uniform the fuck out.  I don't wanna visit China or Russia either, I wanna know I'll have a reasonable assurance I won't be molested, shot, tasered, jailed or killed when I go somewhere. Call it exaggeration, I call it sense.