Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Oh right I have this blog

Greetings friends, I'm not really sure what to do with this blog lately. I don't keep track of any "conspiracy" news anymore, I recently unsubscribed from my last source of news - the conspiracy subreddit. I was seriously sick of the ignorance and assumptions and disempowered vibe. Even though I'm disgusted by governments and journalism lately I simply don't care. Being informed is not going to change anything, what am I gonna do, keep posting little meme pictures, well I just might, just to keep broadcasting my perspective which seems to still be very different from the mainstream propaganda machine. I think it's so baffling what's going on with Syria, the western government and people's attitude. So a chemical attack may have occured, and suddenly the US government are interested - after all the thousands that have died, if they die by gas, suddenly it matters! Maybe they can use this weapon somewhere else themselves? Most of the people I've read online are not in favor of any intervention, I do not understand why, I would think if any regime deserves to be toppled right now it's Assad's. And the scary Al-Qaeda fiction is being thrown around again like it was a baseball, even though I say fiction I'm fully aware some extremists are running rampant there, but what can you trust in the media anymore? We had a new king in Belgium and there was not one objective media report out there about it, it was all hail to the fucking king or a subtly veiled hail to the fucking king. Meanwhile peace talks between Israel and Palestine have gone to shit after the Israelis lifted their biggest middle finger in a while again. Bradley Manning is in jail and wants to become a woman, while the nobel peace prize winning president wants to go to war, and Edward Snowden - WHERE ARE THE MASS PROTESTS? He got asylum in RUSSIA of all places. The NSA now supposedly watches everything, so no violent revolution organized online will be possible and maybe that's for the best although one can only hope it won't ever be necessary - even if it will, I'm almost completely sure the monster can be stopped from anywhere else but within and Manning and Snowden were great symbols of that. No matter how ridiculous things get, the system seems to self-regulate itself into some sense of balance at least. With all their information the NSA weren't able to stop Boston though, if the gov didn't orchestrate it themselves lol, how the hell will they get away with false flags now? Just as easily as before I assume, not much hope there to be honest. The free media is deader than a zombie, regurgitating what its bosses dictate, not reality. You can't help but laugh. At least some sense can be found in the majority of online reactions. I really see little betterment for this planet in the first few centuries, and I have stopped caring. But at least most of us are still living in peace even if they're trying to squeeze our wallets and keep lying to us. If a butterfly flaps its wings it rarely causes a tornado, and I don't see any need to cause myself unnecessary aggrevation if it won't change anything. Let it be, eventually some sense will surely come to these players of less productive facets of the cosmic game.

So to the realm of consciousness... *cricket noise* I was hoping that by now many breakthroughs would have been made in the science of mind, how naive of me. Very little is happening so no need to keep up with the actuality there in case I might miss something. So I have little interest and motivation to post a lot about this, though as usual I may share the little interesting stuff I come across. A freaking reiki shop has opened in my street. I pass it everyday on the way to work. It's opened by people who used to own a snackbar and frankly I shake my head at the universe for putting these on my path. I'm not going in there or letting them know I can do it too. I've had enough of new age fluff and I didn't have too much respect for these people's intelligence when they owned a freaking snackbar either. The people hanging around there are so not my people. I still haven't connected with anyone lastingly concerning any facet of consciousness practice and am fine with it by now, the ones I have met were not people I wanted to stick around. Big egos, little minds and just uninteresting. I think in the long run I will always be an introverted loner hermit and I've made peace with it. All this still doesn't explain how reiki works or what reiki is though, I still use it on myself with great benefit. I recently alleviated a bad headache with it and say what you want but that's still better than taking a pill no matter what is going on.

The summer is over, I worked in my folk's shop again which was physically and emotionally exhausting even though I had 5 weeks with an amazing 3 days off instead of one, I convinced myself I had to smoke cannabis again as a painkiller to not feel my feet, legs, back, shoulder muscles throbbing, and to get over the fact that I'm doing a job I hate, again. But the money was good and the working conditions better than ever before so I'm quite thankful for that. I even worked out 3 days a week or more, since I had the painkiller, it made me feel as tired as the years before but at least my body was benefiting from it. I have stopped now and am meditating again and am again baffled by how much more amazing I feel without that foul Mary Jane, but hey meditation don't kill the muscle pain like she can. I've started remembering dreams again and am never sure if that's a good thing, even though they can be interesting, mostly I find them intensily confusing and random. I might experiment with some magick again though I'm mostly listening to psychological audiobooks to find new strategies to acquire the things I want and am still building up the confidence to go out and get it. I think I've gone through ten audiobooks so far dealing with a whole range of topics. I've finally realized that magick and mind tricks are absolutely useless if you don't go out and DO stuff. I mean seriously how many rituals without any result can you do before you realize that direct action is the key.

I was also very happy to motivate myself to improve my japanese and guitar play by miles. I finished Michel Thomas Foundation and Advanced cd's, 8 and 4 cd's respectively, highly recommended! Purely oral so no textbook needed, though one is provided with a very short romaji summary per cd (very short is a few lines!). I'm currently halfway Let's Learn Japanese, an old eighties video and book lesson program and am supplementing it with audiobooks like Vocabulearn and Speak Japanese with Confidence, also by Helen Gilhooly who was also the voice in the foundation Michel Thomas course), meanwhile practicing my hiragana and katakana and even starting kanji with my Helen Gilhooly book Read and write japanese scripts, and perusing dialogue in my Speak Japanese Today book by Taeko Kamiyama. I'm finally planning on going to Japan even though it's a bit daunting to plan a trip because of the high cost and many options, one buddy might tag along although he's not sure and he's in the Czech republic right now for his job. I really wanna make this dream come true. I'm so in love with Japan, the language and all the anime. Here are some of the shows I'm currently watching with some theme keywords: Claymore (medieval knights and demons), Magi (middle-eastern aladdin), Shingeki no Kyojin (late medieval giants), Guilty Crown (rebels and mecha), Blood Lad (a vampire otaku), Fairy Tail (fantasy guild), Samurai Champloo (samurai western), Sacred Blacksmith (fantasy swordfighting), Bleach (demon hunters hunting eachother), etc. I find these stories and character development richer and so much more inspiring than any other media. PS: how the fuck did Star Trek Into Darkness get such a high imdb rating, what a freaking turd, underused klingons, an underwhelming brit supersoldier and the most retarded ending ever in a star trek movie, like Kirk was ever in any danger of not making it to the next movie, wtf.

I'm playing guitar everyday now, learning new entire songs and lots of new chords. Partially thanks to my new android phone which can display my tabs anywhere. I've never been so happy to drop a smartphone and break it. My sister's former iphone 3G dropped and now has a white screen of death whenever I do any few things in a row or charge it, so I was very happy to pick up my first android. Of course I fumbled a bit in the purchase, as there are so many freaking models to choose from. I was looking to get the Xperia SP first, but thanks to reading reviews online I found out it has a horrible wifi reception range (as in 4 meters horrible wtf). I was then thinking of getting a Samsung galaxy even though I spit at that cheapfeeling brand, but they were loads more expensive in the shops here. So I got offered an Xperia Ion which had good reviews and is pretty big to boot, the only thing I didn't notice was when it was released. January 2012, seriously this thing still cost me 350 euros being nearly 2 fucking years old. My first 32GB sdcard extension failed on me after only ten days, that thing cost me 40 euros so I went back to the shop and if I didn't know the guy working there I would have had to wait 3 weeks. I had to copy all the music, audiobooks and pdf's I spent so much time organizing all over again as the back up didn't include the extra sdcard lol. But anyway now I can do so much more with my smartphone compared to that overpriced apple shit which is barely functional, no more iTunes hooray! Not that Media Go is much better but it feels slightly so. I hated iTunes for being so slow to edit stuff on the phone, well you can't even edit shit on the phone through your computer on an android lol. But at least you can do it on the phone itself. 

I freaking love the functionality, it's a web server and can access my computer's files to stream or download with ease. It's a remote for my pc. It's a lot more customizable. I can read my own guitar tabs while playing guitar instead of having to break my back on the desk chair in front of my computer. I can play MKV files, oh lawd imagine! I can read my own comic books with an app that makes it a lot more fun to read than on the pc. I have a separate app for my audiobooks so nobody can see the embarassing entries in my music database through a simple .nomedia file. My pdf's are on a bigger screen than the iphone making it easier to read any pdf now. I have a big collection of classic MAME arcade games and other cool games. A ton of apps related to learning japanese, playing guitar and even some consciousness related apps (currently only Relax M., Tarot Cards, Pranayama, Discordian Calender whatever that is and English Gematria which is near useless, but hey!). What matters with this nifty piece of hardware is if I'm on the go, I'm always learning, either I'm listening to an audiobook, reading a pdf, improving my japanese or guitar, or enjoying great music from a huge library or enjoying a big collection of oldschool games.

Socially it's a bit less, I had a very busy month of June but one of my recent new buddies from that last IT job became a dad and the other one went back to the Czech republic for another job, so I'm stuck with the old gang again which frankly I'd rather ignore than hang around with as we are on very different frequencies.

Anyway now I'm transitioning back to improving myself physically, mentally, consciously, musically, I hope this blog will get a bit more lively and interesting for you guys still passing around here. Cheers and see you soon. Sorry if I bored you with this long meaningless post lol.


Brizdaz (Darren) said...

You might want to check this guy out when it comes to pain and meditation.His soon was involved in a motorcycle crash and couldn't take pain killers at the time so used meditation for pain relief.
You might find Sandy's story worth a read,too.He had his daughter's murdered by a wacko boyfriend who had a shotgun and this Calm website of his is a culmination of getting through the dark times in his life.He is one remarkable man.


Brizdaz (Darren) said...

That should read "his son" not his soon...Oops!

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

If you want to know more about Sandy's background there should be lots of videos and audio interviews on the net.


Anonymous said...

Changes soon.

No war.

Hang in there.


Sensei djinn said...

With the world in the state it is (desperate as usual) your voice in the blog-o-sphere was never more important!

Hang in there...

acraig00 said...

If you are feeling rudderless and unmotivated, I would recommend Crowley's exercises for finding your "true will". This has helped me immeasurably.

Dedroidify said...

Thanks all!

acraig00 can you link it? I can't find it on google.

xx3435 said...

All of your frustration is what lead me to the study of Norse Runes and Vrilogy. Call it nuts but it is a call to action. Hail Odin!

Dedroidify said...

How quaint! I'm a quarter Norwegian! Hail Odin! The trolls are listening! I'm diving into alchemy myself!

acraig00 said...

I would read "diary of a drug fiend". Puts in pretty plain language and that book informed my use of MJ significantly, which I see might interest you as well.

Dedroidify said...

Thanks a lot, much appreciated

xx3435 said...

Too cool. I'll send a rune your way.

mike voss said...

I know exactly how you feel I hope you continue to share and explore as everyday I look for new posts .. if simply because I am glad to know I am not alone in how I feel and I learn so much from dedroidify. Heres something I recently wrote;
Past couple days of late sit in place got less point, i mean this life's point less
Setting the pace maker too slow tha point- breaker will abduct my heart rate veto any chance of a clean slate,
'n obstruct every god damn attempt to attain new real estate.

Grains of sand corrupt at each flip of the hourglass.
Hey listen up! Vacate from that ego we won't last
Color coded hysteria weapons of the new media mass
Forget about polarity fast ! Race color creed take an immediate bypass
Oi! Another working class rip off , words of the Crass dug deep numbering the 99?
Nope, just another number branded on your Nike brand shackles. CLASP!

Confusion and fear fertilized the vibrating waves of your brain
EPA fed like dope to every strand of DNA, forever fixed the race .. rats in quantum conundrum
From day 1 march to the beating of that same drum.

Natural affinity to consume Assume the disposition taxed in attrition an Impossible kind of mission.
An existence of freedom granted Only when sanity taps out in submission.
Free to see this soul asylum the writings on the wall
1-2-3-4 of 'em, conveniently padded in case you might fall
no windows, no incoming calls
Fuck's sake never Rome falls
Uber Alles officially the policestate
That's mother fuckin' Check Mate!
centration camp mini malls
Illuminate me? Think your free, illuminate we no fool, only Illuminati
I know how the darkness falls, no happy hour at last calls as the curtain falls
let go that rope .. no hope .. no justice for ALLs