Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Just a heads up on the past silence

Someone recently told me they don't like seeing posts of why people aren't posting on a blog and that was pretty good advice, but still I wanna explain that I wanna post and share more of what I'm reading and such recently but through working out I got a really bad case of RSI. Damn motivational crap on the internet should probably remind people that resting is just as important! I totally overdid it and am learning it the hard way. Been suffering for six weeks now being nearly unable to use my hands and wrists which just refuse to heal so far. Taking anti-inflammatory agents and trying to not touch the keyboard & mouse (which is impossible for me). Seeing as I've injured several parts of my body (remember the shoulder? Also the back, upper arms, and now hands and wrists) since trying to step up my work out I think I'll have to start realizing my body is for some reason just not cut out for normal work out routines and when healed I will have to restart with ridiculous baby steps. So bear with me. I hope to be back posting more soon.


Anonymous said...

You have my sincerest wishes for wellness.

I enjoy what you do here and always hope you haven't moved on hen I see Dedroidify has been quiet for a while.

Take care,

Dedroidify RAW said...

Thanks, I appreciate that :)

Rob Pugh said...

Get well soon. I've had some elbow issues the past few months that have been helped with switching to a horizontal/vertical mouse & doing compression band flossing. Good luck.

Dedroidify RAW said...

Hey Rob, thanks! Could you give me some more info on that mouse? I'm considering getting a trackball I could control easier with my left hand which is in slightly better shape but don't know what you mean with hor/ver mouse. What's compression band flossing too if you don't mind?

I got some tiger balsam patches that are now covering my entire finger-knuckle-backhand area and am spending my first night with em, man it feels like my hands are on fire but anything to speed up the healing!

Rob Pugh said...

The mouse I picked up - http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B009YXLTPO/

Some YouTube vids on compression flossing -





If you can't get bands easily where you're at, a bike inner tube tire sliced in half lengthwise works - http://board.crossfit.com/showthread.php?t=79952



Dedroidify RAW said...

Thanks very much man!

Those vert mouses seem really helpful for my case, index finger is the worst off. might get a compression band too to be able to work out if this doesn't improve soon.

The tiger balsam patches seemed to help a lot too.