Sunday, January 19, 2014

On break till RSI completely healed

Just a heads up that I'll be silent but will be back, RSI is not improving just getting worse it seems so going back to the doc on monday. In the meantime everyone can watch Neon Genesis Evangelion (Neo On Gene(s) Sis Eva Angel Lion Ion), which ends in a 2 episode Zen Mindfuck of epic proportions that kicked me harder than any Alan Watts lecture could. Going to bed, I was thinking "I wish I woke up sooner, again" in a double meaning, spiritually and literally as my biorhythm had me going to bed at 4 at night and waking up way too late. Got called out of bed this morning at exactly 11.11, thanks universe for the confirmation! Don't know where Dedroidify is heading but I confess I'm surrendering to a spiritual symbolic worldview that I just can't seem to keep ignoring to have a fulfilled life.

I found out just now that the creator of the series says there is no meaning in it. That's funny because that's what people often are trying to convince me about life and I disagree on both counts. Here are the themes from the wiki page. I also think it's awesome that he doesn't tell us what to think but trolls us into finding our own answers as he distances himself from that process, which always comes across better than explaining the supposed meaning of a story. Like people trying to convince you what to believe, I usually disagree with those too! See you all soon.


Clarence Daniel said...

"I confess I'm surrendering to a spiritual symbolic worldview that I just can't seem to keep ignoring to have a fulfilled life."

I feel like I know what you mean with this, the /thing/ keeps chapping at my door wanting to be heard and embraced but I keep it at an arms length cause it makes me uncomfortable for some reason.

One part of it is I'll go through a period of having this crescendo of synchronicities, but i get scared off/lazy from following it through and then it fades away until I'm back at a casual 'ordinary' existence.

I've had maybe a handful of periods like that over the past year or so, and i'm going through another one just now.

To go back to what you said, how come you've been ignoring it up until now?

Clarence Daniel said...

sorry meant to say as well, I understand if you don't reply for a while till the RSI is better.

just in case i came across like i wasn't paying attention to the post!

Dedroidify RAW said...

Hi Clarence, the reply for this is long I think so will have to wait till the RSI is better as you expected. Unfortunately no improvement yet.

DarkStar888 said...

Hello Dedroidy. It have been months since I have been on your blog, it's been to long my friend. Please come by and visit when you get a chance. I'll spend some time hear reading and make comments on the great posts I have been missing. Look forward to seeing you heal.

I must ask, what is RSI? Be well.


Chris said...

Couple of questions to maybe help you out...

What is the root cause of the RSI? The Japanese have a saying that you have to ask Why five times to get to the root cause.

Why did this part break? (it was rubbing against another part that was out of tolerance)

Why was that part out of tolerance? (the machine setting was wrong)

Why was the machine setting wrong? (the instructions to the operator were incorrect)

Why were the instructions incorrect? We did not have an independent verifier on the procedures. Also, the drafter was not qualified.

Root cause: drafter not qualified - retrain. Causal factor: no verifier.

Have you looked at posture and how your use your hands throughout the day? This is the most likely factor. Repetitive injuries come from repetition, so changing the movement patterns or angles may help. You may want to look into office ergonomics as a starting point.

As a child, I had an odd virus that was causing damage in my hip. The doctor's solution was complete bedrest for at least 3 weeks. No movement. It worked.

How is your diet? Most people eat a very high inflammation diet. Removing wheat, dairy, soy, peanuts and possibly eggs may improve your condition.

Also, eating a nutritious diet may help your recovery. I suggest:

This organization is based on traditional food, farming, and healing. Very powerful stuff.

Best of Health!