Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Synchromystic D

"I could 23 Skidoo you a song." Jack Black

Check out this article for the origins of 23 skidoo and the wiki,
which don't reference RAW and the 23 enigma.

More Law of Fives. The D their door nr is 523.

Explosivo Stargate

Jack Black's parents, were both rocket scientists!
His mother worked on the Hubble space telescope.

Tenacious D: Sasquatch

Saaaaaaasquaaaatch, we know your legend's reaaaaal.
Saaaaaaasquaaaatch, we know your love is reaaaaal.

Other Sasquatch vid here.


HOWMusic(k) said...

Haha, the tarot card on their shirts with "Tenacious D" written in place "Devil" burning in the firepit.

Captures the rock band drama perfectly...

Curry said...

Dedroidify, I love your blog. I really do. It's one of my favorites. Great stuff, keep up the good work. Hail Eris! Namaste.

Christopher Knowles said...

Jack Black was on the X Files, too. Though the first thing I remember him in is Bob Roberts.

dedroidify said...

Thanks Curry!

Hey CK, I really oughta check those episodes again. I watched all X-files again last year (and remember about 0 :p) but didn't notice him.