Friday, February 20, 2009

The Dedroidify Power Supply

The power supply of my backup pc just died too, just before a 10 day hard work period at my mom's to pay off some of my debt. Seeing the humor of it right now, things can only get better from here... Typed this on my Ipod Touch, last piece of working tech on which i can only type short posts. The good news is I have one draft (fixed!) I can schedule for tomorrow, lol. 2009... I hope my birthday on the 26th this thursday helps turn my luck around.

Lightning fast update: And it did even sooner, got my hands on a power supply near-instantly, installed it right away and to my amazement for the first time a power supply died I don't have to reinstall windows and everything is still operational, and this is like what, the sixth time this has happened to me in my long computer history. Let's hope this one lasts! Awesome! I have the Power!

update 2: Thank you Justin!


Juho William said...

Catalyst sucks. Best of luck with the tech end. :) You'll be back up and running at full steam sooner or later, I expect.

Love your blog. I've got it RSSed in my bookmark menu. b ^_^ d

dedroidify said...

Thanks Juho, looks like you were right!

ViølatoR said...

Happy birthday! :D
I back up my computer religiously, or.. spiritually (less dogma?), either way I've learned my lesson from trusting technology!