Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What to do!

I just wanna thank everyone for their support, had no idea so many people appreciated the blog now, wonder how it'll be in another year! So as it'd be really stupid to stop posting for a long time and possibly lose a lot of ya I'll really do my best to be back sporadically next week. Which should be enough time to finish the pro NLP site too.

Meanwhile what can ya do?
Well there's dedroidify.com, dedroidify.com/vids (video google the broken links), recommended vids, in the sidebar: the random best-of-dedroidifyblog-posts button & random dedroidify.com-page button, the rss feeds, the stumbleupon blog, the YouTube Channels and playlists, the blog labels (see bottom right side bar) like books or video, the collective unconscious dedroidify blog archives, and the many links, some of my favorite sites are: Relaxed Focus, HowMusic(k) 2, TechnOccult, Magnetic Centre, Erocx1, Deoxy.org, Radical Change Group, TekGnostics, and of course the Synchromystics! And one of my new favorites, one of my buddies who started his own blog with some awesome posts already, I introduce to you AlienPunk!