Thursday, February 12, 2009


My car and pc are being repaired, which will set me back over 600 euros, which I don't have. Good thing it's my b-day this month! ;p Come on 2009, get yourself together. Don't know yet when I'll be operational again.

Update: PC is fubar, dunno when I'll be able to afford a new one (lol!). I have internet and an old AMD K6 which is barely keeping together, along with an even older win98 computer lol. So I'll be able to post a little. I have a job interview at a helicopter company monday, so send me some positive vibes please!

The Truth about Tom Bombadil and other Tolkien Crackpot Theories

At last, the mystery of Tom Bombadil's identity has been solved.


Tom Bombadil and the Witch-king of Angmar are the same person
(click to read on).

More Tolkien Crackpot Theories.

DMT Contraindication

Pachelbel Rant by Rob Paravonian

Pachelbel Rant by Rob Paravonian