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Asgard: the Nine Worlds

This is a diagram of the Nine Worlds of Asgard, showing the relationship of the various separate dimensional realms. The diagram is not drawn to scale, nor do the positioning of the worlds above or below one another have any real significance since they are not in the same dimensional plane. The only evidence for placing Asgard at the top is that the world-tree Yggdrasil has its trunk and branches there, while its root system manifests itself on most of the other worlds. Yggdrasil, also not drawn to scale, is aligned with the Cosmic Axis with which the Earth’s axis also aligned. Only a sample of the interdimensional passageways between worlds are shown here. The number of free-standing natural nexuses are unknown. The world of Niffleheim is not considered a separate world in the Asgardian cosmology, but is thought to be an adjunct world to Hell.

From MCS, don't forget your ass-guard when traveling through Asgard...

Osho: Science and the Inner Journey

Osho: Science and the Inner Journey

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Revealing Reaper

Synchromystic revelations from the first season of Reaper (First post here).
"Do your job and keep your mouth shut or I will shut it for you." Devil
Whose name in the series is Jerry Belvedere.
Suddenly Sam finds himself dating the Devil's daughter (though later in the series, we find out Sam is the Devil's son), who is first checked naked by his buddies in the jakuzi for the mark of the beast (completely normal... :p) without his knowledge, cleared (based on the philosophy of some random movie). However it's made pretty clear who she is after flowers wither in her presence. Later she snores like a demon, shatters glass by her presence, influences every bowling move she makes to win and threatens Andi, Sam's first love interest.
Interesting Bowling ball huh. Making heads roll...
Interesting hobby, shooting at your buddy with a BB gun.
The Devil steps up to a (horrible) musician, someone's about to sell his soul...
Sam: You made him sell you his soul?
Devil: Not yet, but I will. It's the classic first-taste-is-free again, but Ryan gets his gig, tastes a little fame, and while he's on that endorphin high I swipe that contract right in front of him. Never fails.
Sam: That really works?...
Devil: We're talking about the rock n' roll man, the devil's music! Coming down the crossroads, sell your soul for rock n' roll baby!

From the movie crossroads: Scratch's Assistant: "Ain't got no chance Blind Dog. You SOLD your soul. You goin' down, all the way down. Hell hounds on your trail, boy, hell hounds on your trail."

Thanks to Benjamin from Pseudoccult Media for these links about Bob Dylan:
"Ed Bradley, in the beginning of the interview, asks Dylan how he could write such marvelous songs in the 60s. Dylan replies that he really doesn't know; that they were "magically written", and that he can't write songs like that anymore. He also tells Bradley that he felt pretty early in his life that he had a certain "destiny" that he had to keep silent about. By the end of the interview, about 14 minutes and 50 seconds into it, Bradley asks:

- Why do you still do it...why are you still out here?
Dylan replies: - Well, it goes back to that destiny thing. I made a bargain with the...(here Dylan catches himself and doesn't complete the sentence. He continues): You know, a long time ago and...I'm...holding up my end...
Bradley: - What was your bargain?
Dylan: - To get where...ah...I am now.
Bradley (smiling): - Should I ask whom you made the bargain with?
Dylan (nervously smiling and stuttering) - With...with...with...yeah, with the Chief Commander...
Bradley: - Of this Earth???
Dylan: - Uhum...of...of this Earth and the world we can't see (Dylan's smile and nervous laughter is shifting back to the melancholy sadness that has been his only expression throughout the whole interview up until Bradley asks about the Devil)."

Dylan's book was a bestseller. It was published by Simon & Schuster, which is owned by Viacom, the parent company of CBS (owned by the chief commander). Dylan is planning to write two more volumes of his memoirs.
More on the ruler of this Earth and the world we can't see in an upcoming X-files post.

Sam and the guys get the guy to not sell his soul, it only costs him his hand... so he can't "rock out" anymore and get back together with his girl. Hey, sacrifices for the greater good...
"Hey, I told you before, you're much more than just an employee. I care about you." Devil and his forked tongue.
More trouble afoot, the gay couple next door are demons, here they are shaving their horns. But there's good news, here's what the devil has to say about them: "I need to give you a friendly warning, about your two little demon neighbors. They're smallminded stubborn useless bureaucrats. Totally pathetic."
It gets better, they're part of the "demon resistance", they can only talk about it in "the (magickal) circle". "The devil can't penetrate a circle (perfection), he can only enter through corners, inside a circle he can't see or hear us."
Interesting. Indeed in the practice of Magick, the circle aka the magickal boundary needs to be perfect and the magician needs to remain in it at all times during the ritual, which means before and after banishing. Otherwise the magician exposes himself to whatever the hell can go wrong, for instance when conjuring entities, if there is no boundary between the magician and the entity psychosis/possession and whatever fun stuff can come to pass: Do not try this at home.
In Bavarian Illuminati member Goethe's Faust (1808), Mephistopheles (the "son of hell" in Goethe's "Faust", published in 1808) was able to enter into Faust's study because Faust's pentagram was poorly made... one of it's angles was broken:
Let me own up! I cannot go away;
A little hinderance bids me stay,
The witch's foot upon your sill I see.

The pentagram? That's in your way?
You son of Hell explain to me,
If that stays you, how came you in today?

Observe it closely! It is not well made;
One angle, on the outer side of it,
is just a little open, as you see.
Guess what happened on 9/11, there is clear damage to two lines of the Pentagram...

"The pentagon was set on fire, they’ve actually set a pentagram on fire." Prodigy
"I've got it, I've got it!" Saul said, laughing, "I looked every way but the right way before. He's inside the Pentagon. That's why they build it in that shape, so he couldn't escape. The Aztecs, the Nazis... and now us..."
"Yes," Mavis said grimly. "That's why thirty thousand Americans disappear every year, without trace, and their cases end up in the unsolved files. He has to be fed."
Their plan to take down the devil is using random acts of kindness and it's not going to well, demons barely able to withstand eating children and all. Sam takes off as this seems pointless at first, one of the guys chases after him, first draws a perfectly enclosed circle in chalk on the floor and says he doesn't agree with his lover's peaceful resistance plan's efficiency. "To someone with a mortal lifespan like you a century must seem like forever. You guys die so quickly your like goldfish. What we need to do is ram a nuke down the devil's throat!"
Bilderberg convention 2009

My point exactly, one word: Bilderberg.
Hooray 72 days without an injury (comes crashing down)
The demons have a surprise for Sam, "we prepared a humaaan sacrifiiiice!" This gets him out of his contract with the devil, they know of this thanks to a demon who used to work at legal in hell. The sacrifice takes over the devil's contract and Sam is free, the devil can't even reverse it. Of course, Sam's morals help him out, not wanting to condemn someone else, which btw, I assume gets you into hell in this show's belief system.
They have the sword of archangel Michael which vanquished Lucifer in the first heavenly war.
One problem, the boys aren't exactly down with the occult, this next thing isn't even explained in the series, but here Sam draws what we call a really shitty circle. Hence, the devil is able to hear and see it all.
So the devil knew about the rebellion and used Sam, to get rid of it, in a few seconds. Wasn't even Michael's sword, the devil replaced it long ago.
As he comes in and kicks ass, there's only one demon survivor. "They weren't exactly loyal employees."
Sam: "No that's not why, they weren't just annoying they were right, Steve was right, his peace plan - that was really a threat to you."
Devil: Oh yes I'm so terrified by people who are super friendly.
Sam: Oh come on, ou wouldn't have gone through all the trouble if you weren't afraid. What they were planning was gonna work.
Devil: That's an adorable theory but completely wrong. (lying...)
Sam: Love, generosity, decency, it weakens you, if everybody in the world was good, you'd have no one to tempt. You wouldn't even exist. IT WOULD DESTROY YOU!
Devil: Well, what are the chances of that ever happening, huh? Hahahah...

In the next episode 1x15 the Devil even gets Sam to make a deal, involving Andi believing him that he's working for the Devil, to get rid of the new resistance the Demon survivor was planning.
And all this happened in the wonderful land of boOze...

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Michael Tsarion: Architects of Control

5 ways 'common sense' lies to you everyday.

"Albert Einstein said common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by the age of 18. It is also a result of some pervasive and extremely stupid logical fallacies that have become embedded in the human brain over generations, for one reason or another. These malfunctioning thoughts--several of which you've had already today--are a major cause of everything that's wrong with the world."
Read on at
Bonus link: The difference glasses make

The Roots - What They Do

Rap Video manual! via Relaxed Focus

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Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars

Mushroom Men (eye in triangle on hat)


Sci-Fi Saved My Life: Stargate

That's the name of a Discovery Channel documentary episode, featuring Graham Hancock, David Icke, Erich von Daniken, Amanda Tapping and other SG1 cast members, etc. No link, video or anything to be found really, sorry! So just kind of a heads up.

Joe Rogan - Devolution Of Stupid People

Joe Rogan - Devolution Of Stupid People



Edward James Olmos, on his authority as Admiral of the Battlestar Galactica, tells the assembled crowd at the United Nations there is no race but the human race (there are no cylons!). "So say we all." It's a good thing BSG & Adama are awesome, though the bsg story line makes my conspiracy reality tunnel alarm bells go off like crazy and I hate the saying "so say we all".

Update: More at Secret Sun!

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Tell-Lie Vision

Tell-Lie Vision part 1

and the other parts here.

RAW on a Nation Of Sheep

RAW on a Nation Of Sheep

Joe Rogan - Noah's Ark

Joe Rogan - Noah's Ark

Joe Rogan talks to a guy after a show that believes he's found Noah's Ark. Check out those BS filters, lalala.

Empire Of The Sun - Walking On A Dream

Empire Of The Sun - Walking On A Dream (from Ozstralia)

Walking on a dream. How can I explain.
Talking to myself. Will I see again.

We are always running for the thrill of it thrill of it
Always pushing up the hill searching for the thrill of it
On and on and on we are calling out and out again
Never looking down I’m just in awe of what’s in front of me

Is it real now when two people become one
I can feel it when two people become one

Thought I’d never see the love you found in me
Now it’s changing all the time
Living in a rhythm where the minutes working overtime

Catch me I’m falling down. Catch me I’m falling down.

Don’t stop just keep going on
I’m your shoulder lean upon
So come on deliver from inside
All we got is tonight that is right till first light

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Star(gate) Trek DS9 Synchromystic Tidbits

Synchromystic tidbit fun time
Plenty to choose from here, after all this is the show featuring president Obama, I mean Commander Sisko who runs the space station DS9 after the CERN 'launch', I mean the discovery of a stable wormhole. There's a clear d and 9 in the CERN logo, and if you really want it to be there you can find an S. You have to admit, the image of the space station next to the logo is interesting too.

From the first episode Emissary synopsis:
Sisko finds that he has encountered entities in the wormhole who speak to him through images of his wife, friends, and crew members. The "wormhole entities" question Sisko's corporeal and linear existence, and explain that they become disrupted when such beings pass through the wormhole.
Sisko attempts to explain how his kind thrive on its linear existence, but the entities point out that he continues to return to the moment of his wife Jennifer's death. "You are here!" Sisko comes to the rationalization that he has been grieving over the loss of his wife and explains this to the aliens.

The wormhole entities could be any kind of entity one might encounter OBE through the stargate of 8th Circuit Neuroatomic consciousness. As the modus operandi of these wormhole entities is very reminiscent of certain altered states of the entheogenic kind; "What comes before now, is no different than what is now, or what is to come, it's one's existence."

Dax meditating, an exercise where you have to maintain the shape of some kind of energy ball. (1x04 A man alone).

Dr. Baltar & Dr. Bashir
Lookalikes! Thanks to BSG Baltar, I can finally stand Bashir and can now watch DS9 heh. The actor who plays Bashir, Alexander Siddig was originally Rick Berman's first choice to play Benjamin Sisko, the DS9 commander. Later his lookalike James Callis' character Baltar, also a doctor and womanizer, would become the president for a while in the new Battlestar Galactica.

Remember this post the Atomium Sync Trail, I saw this DS9 episode recently called "Move Along Home" (1x10), where some characters get trapped in a 'game'. One of the subgames is a game of replicating a hopskotch routine. (I also recently came across the Atomium/Tree of Life image on a magick book in a Red Knight comic book, which I will post here asap.)
Eye-in-Pyramid dice
Haha, it's just a game!

Interesting architecture on the Cardassian space station. (The Nagus 1x11)

Stargate Wormhole Action

For CK and Jake, a leprechaun Rumplestiltskin, oh well ;)
From the episode "If Wishes Were Horses" wherein an alien species tries to learn more about humanoid imagination by making it manifest in reality.

Odo, the shapeshifting Security Chief. When Odo finally finds his people, he finds out they are the leaders of the Dominion, a ruthless and militaristic state of the Gamma Quadrant. Interestingly, Odo is a name typically associated with historical figures from the Middle Ages and before, clerics and royals mostly. Odo is etymologically related to the names Otho and Otto, and to the French name Odon, and to the Italian names Ottone and Udo; all come from a Germanic word meaning "possessor of wealth".

Interesting Name

Hal Ozsan (Mr. Oz), plays the evil Cassidy in Kyle XY who was born, genetically enhanced, into some powerful technocratic secret society wouldn't you know it! In 2006, the actor played the fallen angel Azazel in ABC Family's 3 part mini-series Fallen.


Fair enough Masonic square & compass for me! Posts will be a bit later this week, cause of the wonderful early spring weather over here.

Steganography, Musical Biofeedback, and The Psychology of Occult Holophonic Cues

Steganography, Musical Biofeedback, and The Psychology of Occult Holophonic Cues

From Labyrinth of the Psychonaut & HOWMusic(k)