Sunday, May 1, 2011

Jim Carrey - Awakening


DarkStar888 said...

Good job Mr Carrey. Now we have about 6.8 BILLION people more to go! To wake-up that's is. Think it will happen before it's too late? :)


Old 333 said...


Agony is born of desire. Key term for me is BORN. Freedom from care and woe is all very well...

...but a head full of nothing is as good as a head made of clay.

Sadly, Mr. Carrey seems to have found a mere new addiction. From 1:30 on, he is pretty clear about that, and about how destructive he intends to be with his new toy.

I liked him better when he did coke.

Old 333 said...

This said, I've found Mr. Tolle's work pretty uplifting myself. Connection and understanding are good things, and raising the level is a good goal. I just can't subscribe to the 'nothinghead' zen method. The world is too much with me, and I like it that way. Time enough for the absence of thought when comes that day. I think we are much more likely to find purpose as a species and fulfil our part in the Mother's great structure by working on things; techne-biome unity, a true understanding of and empowering of this planet. On and on I go! Time for those morning meds. And thanks for the enjoyable reading and videos!

Leif said...

Old 333, a huge misunderstanding about Zen thought since is that it can be "explained away" as foolishly striving for an empty mind. There is a flipside to your comments in that you hinted at Jim's desire to have that oneness experience as similar to an addiction when one could argue that your fear of letting go of the linguistic flux of reality, preferring one zone of awareness over and above a multitude of others, is exactly the same addiction. Not trying to be a dick, just pointing out the obvious

Old 333 said...

@Leif: awareness is a good thing. Living life by the nape of its neck, even. I agree with and maybe even understand, a little, of what it means to be in the one.

I just think there is a lot of errrr, striving to not strive as it were, out there; Mr. Carrey actually made me a bit sad when he expressed his powerful desire to 'just get back there again'. I suppose I adopt an antagonistic tone because I find this so painful. Seek, and ye know not what ye shall find. Strive, and at least you go down swinging. Do those things while in the silence of the moment - well, that is the Way.

Seeking the way is not the way, though. Cults form so quickly, even good teachers become something other than.

I know, I'm going on and on. Suffice to say: yes, I know what you mean. I think. Balance in all things; here we are in the world, and without carnality and its causal caveats, here we would not be. So embrace desire as just one face of love; as loss is another.

thought and speech are like the wind...just to experience them, is gift enough on any given day.

And thanks for your gentle reminder.