Sunday, January 6, 2013

I've had so many dreams like this

From Lon Milo DuQuette's Low Magick:

"You know you're out of your body...
  • When forward or upward movement in a dream becomes difficult or impossible to continue. For example: you are walking down a dream sidewalk, walking up stairs, or driving or bicycling down a road and you suddenly find your legs are too heavy to move or the car or bike breaks down. This indi­cates that you are moving from a lower/slower vibratory level into a higher/more subtle vibratory level, one that your big fat dream vehicles can't enter. If you are lucid at this moment, you can stop walking or riding or driving and will yourself to fly forward, leaving your grosser body behind."
Finally looking forward to another one of those, just had one last week and I freaking hated them. I always woke up feeling like I was in a long queue all night. The book is really great, I'm almost finished with it. I could have done without the long Tarot card advertisement chapter but there's some interesting Goetia-Tarot reference material in there at least.

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