Monday, January 14, 2013

New is now live!

Update: the Streaming vids page is dead, I cleaned it up a bit and removed its links so now you can just copy paste the titles into youtube I guess. But... there are no more links to it except the one in this post and at the bottom of the Recommended Vids post, which I just edited (overdue, yikes!) and could prolly need some more work. Maintaining the old Vids page is just too much work for the little audience it will get and there are better sites out there that do this now, the page got started when streaming videos were just beginning to hit the internet so it was a lot more useful back then than it is now.

Left to do: 1) Fix up the blue site so there are no broken links and people have an alternative lay-out, this is low priority as only had 127 visitors since its update lol. (Just FYI the blog gets around 400 unique visitors a day.) 2) Switch some pages from the darkness section to the main site and vice versa. 3) remove some content, add some content - pages as well as quotes in the quotebox.

Btw, here's a list of Psychonaut websites from a mostly quiet thread on reddit, should be some interesting stuff there! I still have to explore them myself but I was glad to see listed too. (I found this reddit page through the site counter of, personally I don't use reddit as I find it's a wall of really ugly formatted text. Boggles my mind how it's so popular, my eyes scream in protest every time I give a try ;p)


Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Looks fantastic to me.

Dedroidify said...

Thanks mate!!! Really appreciate it after all those hours working on it today!

Clarence Daniel said...

for me, on the "Your Reality Tunnel" page, whenever the image next to the opening quote from Einstein changes the whole pages formatting shifts a little too. so my eyes need to do a little dance each time it moves if i want to read.

was that intentional to help shift readers out of their standard reading reality tunnel? :p

Dedroidify said...

LOL Clarence no not intentional, it's most likely cause your resolution/screen size is smaller than mine or you are too zoomed in on the website.

I've adjusted it, let me know if it's better for you.

Otherwise you can zoom out with pressing ctrl and -. Or ctrl mouse-scroll.

Dedroidify said...

Haha I just tested the site on my mother's Mac and it crashed on the RAW page :p had to turn it off through the power button and everything lol!

Dedroidify said...

Ok second test on Mac/Safari okay ;p will see tomorrow for more tweaks if necessary.

Clarence Daniel said...

i had a sneaky feeling it may of just been me and my settings. when i went back on whatever you did worked and the formatting was fine, but i zoomed out of the page just to try that and the waterfall/tunnel image corrected itself too cause it was a bit out of shape.

my laptop's mogered so i'm using an old monitor which'll explain why it was too zoomed in. i'm not an old granny i swear.

the site's looking swell

Dedroidify said...

Great to hear and thanks a lot!