Saturday, January 5, 2013

Lon Milo DuQuette, I love you

Everytime I pick up a Lon Milo DuQuette book and start reading it, I always get bitchslapped into so many realizations I should have made part of my permanent reality tunnel a long time ago but somehow managed to forget again because of slipping into old programming. I'm already 1/4th into this book called "Low Magick: It's all in your head... you just have no idea how big your head is", it's just amazing.

Here's a small excerpt:

There are many people in the world today (magicians and non­ magicians alike) who believe quite literally that the above arrange­ment is the only spiritual game plan in town.  It is certainly their right to do so; after all, for many of us this God/devil, heaven/hell, angel/demon morality play is the familiar foundation upon which the perversely comfortable "faith of our fathers" was built.
While I certainly do not wish to offend anyone's sincere spiritual beliefs (and I hold my hand up and swear, "Some of my best friends are Chrislemews!"), I must, however, be honest. I do not believe in such an all-good anthropomorphic god. Neither do I believe in an all-evil anthropomorphic devil. I don't believe in a heaven where I'll be rewarded for believing correctly or a hell where I'll be pun­ished for my unbelief. In fact, I believe there is something terribly wrong and spiritually toxic with this entire picture-dangerously and tragically wrong-a wrongness that has plagued the Western psyche for millennia; a primitive and superstitious phantasm of the mind; a nightmare that has infected the human soul with the virus of fear and self-loathing; a cancerous curse that demands that every man, woman, and child surrender to the great lie that would make us believe that our very humanness makes us unclean and damned in the eyes of a wrathful deity.
Does my rejection of a too-literal interpretation of the scriptural worldview of the Chrislemews make me an atheist? For those who adhere too tightly to their doctrines, I guess it does-but it certainlydoes not from my point of view. I most ardently believe in (indeed, I worship) a supreme consciousness that is the ultimate source of all manifest and unmanifest existence. I believe that you and I and every other monad of existence are components of the supreme consciousness. My morality (if you insist on calling it that) is based on my conviction that the ultimate nature of this super-existence is transcendently  Good-a Good we can never adequately define with our words or understand with our meat brains-a Good so all-comprehensively infinite that there can be nothing outside of itself--not even nothing.
There can be no opposite of this great Good. The Goodness of supreme existence is spelled with the largest capital "G" imagin­able. I call it the:
"Great G."

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Brizdaz (Darren) said...

The only Lon Milo DuQuette book I have ever read was
"My Life With Spirits",
which I enjoyed.
I've always wanted to read more of his work,but have just not got around to it.