Monday, February 11, 2013

311 Soundsystem 01 Freeze Time

Guess who's back y'all! As an injection of positive vibes I'm going to be posting every song of this album, one a day!
I'd like to stay here just like this
it's just a momentary bliss
that's all we can hope for
that's reason to cope for
this life, this life and no more

You will be immortal man
one in the hand
you will know exactly then
what you have
you found the cure
and Morse codes for rapture
get with your rhythm
get with your nature

The moment's running down the mountain
it can be captured from a fountain
sometime all that it can be
absence of agony
pleasure from the lack of pain

Serendipitous my travels throughout time
I grab a moment like a thief and then I make it mine
nothing will compare to your realization
when you come to find out your new object of fixation

I try to freeze time
try to freeze time for your mind
perfect snapshot to always rewind
golden buttered jam
golden buttered jam for your slam
remember it in your synapse diagram

Sweetness is your bein', Zen human walkin'
steppin' out from shadows, flowin' like a breeze soft and
when dawn unveils the mornin' star risen
fell the light, feel the love, you're christened
with this life, not ours, not for long
but for the taking, take it
the birth light breaking break it
between the light and dark is a seem
that is caving in
mutating rearranging your soul
changing form again


Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Glad to see that you are back on the net and not just somebody that I used to know .-)

Dedroidify said...

I wouldn't stoop so looooow! :p