Monday, February 18, 2013

The War on Consciousness - Graham Hancock

Via Reality Sandwich which has the title as Giving up the Green Bitch, though the video doesn't talk about weed all that much. I heard about his breaking up with Mary Jane in this interview podcast at Psychedelic Salon. What Graham doesn't say in the video but did in the interview, is that the spirit of Ayahuasca reacted not so friendly to the question if she could be jealous of the spirit of Mary Jane, haha, for that bit alone the interview podcast is certainly worth a listen.

I've only smoked marijuana once in the last 3 months-ish I think it is now, and I didn't really enjoy it last time. Among the reasons I quit are, and even among my friends most of these reasons are unique to me so I'm in no way generalizing this. Quite the opposite, just sharing my experience: we always roll our joints with tobacco here, and that tobacco isn't good for the body. Time seems to fly and I seem to do nothing but play video games and watch downloaded tv shows and movies, pure hedonism, no self-cultivation. I don't meditate much or at all when I'm smoking weed. I can't/don't read when high. I spend a lot more money on rolling supplies, drinks for the throat, snacks for the munchies. I take in crazy amounts of sugar and gain weight. When smoking it a lot, I often wake up cranky until I've had some food after which I'm able to smoke (I can't smoke it on an empty stomach). When not having anymore, I go to two to three days of pissed off withdrawel and often revert to smoking tobacco. It becomes more expensive every year here. Dutch Coffee shops near the border require a weedpass that requires dutch nationality to buy it. Belgian dealers are unreliable to say the least and usually takes 3-5 days more than the first said day of availability, and the quality is highly variable and not always in proper relation to the price. When high and going out into society, I really don't like being judged everywhere I go for being high (my eyes ;p), even if it's only with glances. And most importantly I prefer the natural high of meditation, tai chi, yoga etc over the high of marijuana. All that being said, I could really use a toke right about now! Just kidding (maybe!), at this point I can't say I wouldn't have a toke if offered, though I doubt I would buy a supply for myself anymore. All in all, it was great for opening the fifth circuit, but I save a lot more money and am a lot more healthy and happier without it.


Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Thanks for bringing this clip to my attention.
I re-posted it in a blog I just wrote about seeing Graham in person last October.He's a great guy...when he is off the weed anyway .-)

Dedroidify said...

Cool that you saw him, I'm sure he's a great guy on weed too? ;p