Monday, February 11, 2013

Bruce Damer & Dennis McKenna – “A Deep Dive Into the Mind of McKenna”

Dear Terence McKenna fans, this podcast at the Psychedelic Salon Podcast 316 will probably break your heart as it broke mine. However it also affirmed for me that not becoming a fulltime entheogenic explorer - something I have sort of regretted a long time - was the right thing to do after all, I only found this out about Terence from this podcast (to know exactly what, you'll have to listen). A bad trip doesn't mean you should stop travelling alltogether, but these travels take you to unexpected destinations and it's not to be taken lightly at all. And mine sure got me frightened enough to not wanna do it alone ever again, and who knows how the heaven one can find a sitter for an entheogen trip these days if you don't have any likeminded friends nearby. Anyway this is a must listen (I typed "lesson" first, haha) for Terence McKenna fans. Prepare to have some illusions destroyed if you're not fully aware about his history yet as I was, but don't worry, he's still one of my main heroes and should probably remain a hero to all who know him regardless of his faults, which I find were maybe sort of overstated a bit too in the podcast. Bless you Terence, wherever you are!

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