Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy new year everybody! I'm gonna make this an ambitious year, after all if you don't get a singularity you might as well become one! I'm gonna learn to read music notes so I'm not just fiddling with my guitar and piano anymore, gonna step up my japanese, continue my power training and replace this belly with a moderate six pack, meditate twice daily no matter how weird things get and experiment with consciousness as much as in my peak periods, quit mary jane for good (already at a couple of months with that), finally finally trying this damn book I want to, and much more! Make it a good year everyone!

Oh forgot to mention, I dreamt I met Jon Stewart last night. Not that I'm a huge fan or something I don't even watch the daily show anymore but he's ok in my book. But anyway instead of what I'd usually (appreciate the sighting but otherwise ignore it) do I went up to him, said hi and asked for a picture, he said ok but I'm in a hurry so we had to do it on an escalator lol, I asked this woman to do it, and because one of the buttons of my button-fly was open she called me a pervert and refused, lmao! Jon was long gone.
What's funny is yesterday I did a simple one card tarot reading and I got the Temperance card. I won't share about what exactly, would be too long to explain, but it's indirectly related.
"Sagittarius is a sign of optimism, philosophy, and taking risks. This card urges the querent to have faith that they can merge fiery red and watery blue into otherworldly violet. But they will need to experiment, have confidence, and try, try, again."
Haha, so next time I see "Jon Stewart" I'll try again and hopefully have better luck lol!