Friday, January 4, 2013

Well that was pretty quick

So I've been keeping up with my twice-daily meditation resolution, and my third eye is already pulsing again. I love that feeling, and really am intending to keep up my practice. Last time stuff got weird when my crown got swirling but I won't let that phase me this time. As an added bonus, I forgot how much less sleep you need when meditating to feel awake. I usually need my 10-12 hours, totally forgot I need about 6-8 when meditating to feel fresh! If anyone else has difficulty keeping up their practice, I'll share a few quick meditations I've been doing recently. I like to switch it up to keep it interesting. It's not much but I'll share some more in the future, and to be honest I've already talked about these before on the blog but I don't expect everyone to have read the archive from all those years!

Dharana meditation: where you focus on one thing to block out the randomness. Could be anything, an object, a mantra, a line of thought apparently too. If you wanna test how hard it is to focus on something, try visualising a red triangle. It'll be the jumpiest, most elusive triangle you've ever met! Why won't it keep still! When I use mantras I usually switch between the simple "I am" or the more elaborate Gayatri mantra. Of which I really like the Battlestar Galactica opening, or this more rythmic version:

Wether coupling it with a breathing pattern or not, I find it spectacular how the mind is apparently able to run what you're doing suddenly as a "background program" and start up it's random chatter again, then it's just a matter of "tabbing" it back to the foreground and closing off the random chatter each time it pops up again.

Sometimes I really wanna kick myself for halting my practice so often. I could have made such progress in the seven or eight years I've been meditating, but I've at least missed a few years in the meanwhile.

I was reading about Dharana earlier and apparently a concept is also seen as an object of meditation. So next time I might meditate on the self (again) and see how that yields as dharana. I wanna experiment with visualisation too as soon as possible, though I find that's the hardest to keep some sort of structure in. I mean the sort of visualisation meditation of what you wanna see or experience in the future, or a sort of creative or even fictional visualisation. Anyway with a pulsing third eye, I wish you all the best with your own practice.