Sunday, January 6, 2013


Does need an upgrade?

The site (not this blog, but the website) currently has a lightblue background color and the - it seems - much disliked Comic Sans MS font. What do you guys think, could the site benefit from another background color and/or font. If you vote please let me know in the comments (here or on the link where no account is needed) what color and font you think would work ok for the site. As the goal is for the site to reach as many people as possible, I'd rather not have a lot of people turned off by either.

PS: Gonna work on replacing the broken links and embedded videos soon, and see what I can come up with for a better looking opening page, any ideas or help welcome.

Does (not this blog) need a new color and or font? free polls 

Update: Shocked and relieved at the same time to find a small majority so far thinks the site looks fine, haha! Giving it more time though, and will probably do some changing in the (to be honest, not so) near future anyway.

Update 2: 8 vs 8 and no comments will probably leave the site as it is. Unless some perform an act of Magickal voting/comments to change it!

Update 3: Apparently some people are really fond of their old! Which is really nice to find out, thanks guys! But the tiniest of majority thinks a change would be for the best. Only problem is I have no idea what change. I agree the white and blue background isn't ideal, but wouldn't black font on a white background be boring? Definitely ruled out is a dark background color with a light font, I hate that myself and find it really hard to read and exhausting on the eyes. Different colors for each page is no option either cause it would clash with the Quote box on top. Again, opinions and advice are welcome. I'm thinking of changing the font to the one on the blog, it's nice and neutral in any case.

I've had so many dreams like this

From Lon Milo DuQuette's Low Magick:

"You know you're out of your body...
  • When forward or upward movement in a dream becomes difficult or impossible to continue. For example: you are walking down a dream sidewalk, walking up stairs, or driving or bicycling down a road and you suddenly find your legs are too heavy to move or the car or bike breaks down. This indi­cates that you are moving from a lower/slower vibratory level into a higher/more subtle vibratory level, one that your big fat dream vehicles can't enter. If you are lucid at this moment, you can stop walking or riding or driving and will yourself to fly forward, leaving your grosser body behind."
Finally looking forward to another one of those, just had one last week and I freaking hated them. I always woke up feeling like I was in a long queue all night. The book is really great, I'm almost finished with it. I could have done without the long Tarot card advertisement chapter but there's some interesting Goetia-Tarot reference material in there at least.