Monday, January 7, 2013

Went to the library!

Yup, first time in my new city, it's very modern but small compared to my former library. The good thing is though they have an entirely different collection of occult books, and I can still go to the other library if needed. I got myself four books to start as two of them are rather big. 
  • Musical Theory for Dummies :p  Gotta start somewhere, tired of just being able to play tabs and want to step up my guitar play after eight years. I also have a little keyboard I like to fool around on.
  • Rudolf Steiner: Science of the Secrets of the Soul - origin and destination of man (literally translated from dutch).
  • Robert Jordan - Wheel of Time 1 - The Eye of the World
  • Robert Graves - Greek Myths part 1 (of 2).
Now gonna put on a LOTR soundtrack and start with the Wheel of Time!