Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Daily Dedroidify: Ica Stones: Encyclopedia of Ancient Knowledge?

Daily Dedroidify: Ica Stones: Encyclopedia of Ancient Knowledge?

In the town of Ica, Peru there is a unique collection of over 11,000 stones (with much more known to exist) that were collected, organized, and analyzed by the late Dr. Javier Cabrera Darquea. His home has become a museum for these strange artifacts, which are engraved with scenes of an ancient people, and are believed to be an encyclopedia of ancient knowledge. Amazingly, some of the (series of) scenes show things which are wholly anachronistic, including man interacting with dinosaurs, advanced technology, performing complex medical procedures (brain surgeries, heart transplants, genetic experimentation, etc.), flying machines, androgynous creatures, depictions of the Earth's continents as they were millions of years in the past...

How Advanced?
The stones depict a means of overcoming rejection of organs that are just now being utilized by modern medicine. Shown in a series of carvings are the isolation and extraction of cellular material in a pregnant woman's placenta with the reintroduction into the transplant patient to eliminate the possibility of rejection. Artificial life support systems are featured using an unknown energy that seems to be conveyed through the surgeons themselves. There is work with genetic codes and the prolongation of life. Blood vessels are shown being reconnected via re-absorption tubes utilizing the natural regeneration of cells. There are descriptions of cesarean section with acupuncture as a form of anesthesia.

Label everything we can't explain as a hoax!
An unfortunate branding of the stones as a hoax early on has dissuaded what little genuine scientific curiousity made it past the barriers of the status quo. However, it is the opinion of Dr. Cabrera and others that the stones are indeed genuine, and that their antiquity is proof of a previously unknown ancient civilization whose existance has been lost to history. All that remains is a record of their knowledge, carved in stone (the only medium that could survive for thousands of years). If the message of the stones can be fully deciphered and accepted, it will change our understanding of ancient man, and re-write the history books in a big way.

Because they are rocks and contain no organic material, Carbon-14 dating cannot be used. The stones themselves are composed of andesite, a very hard mineral that would make etching quite difficult with primitive tools. They are covered with a natural varnish that is created by bacteria over thousands of years. The etching is made by scraping away this dark varnish to reveal the lighter mineral beneath. According to some reports, examinations of the stones show that the grooves of the etchings also bear traces of additional varnish, however, indicating that they are very old.

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