Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Radical Change Group: The 8 Circuit Brain Model, part 2 - conversations with Antero Alli

The 2nd part of this conversation covers the following topics:

* Circuit 3: symbolic-conceptual intelligence
o Signs of getting stuck in circuit 3: "parroting", quoting other sources, but not having it come from you. Stuck at absorbtion, without proper integration.
o The aim of 3rd circuit is communication - real communication, making you think.
o Being logical is not the same as thinking
* Circuit 4: ability to get along with people
o People are unpredictable, for the most part. Ability to live with this unpredictability
o Confidence of C-4 is whether you are likable
o The vehicle for C-4: the ego personality
o Annoyance as an indicator of unfulfilled needs / points of growth
* Circuit 5: somatic intelligence; somatic opening to present time, living in the present, opening to all 5 senses.
o Like circuit 1, only with awareness. Getting high.
o Various practices can do it (meditation, etc.). If you live long enough, it tends to open up eventually, like any other circuit.
o Charisma: transmission of integrated circuit 5. Certain amount of performance on stage produces charisma.
* Circuit 6:
o The central nervous system becomes self-aware.
o The energy body / double / aura
o Chakras
* Circuit 7: Mytho-poetic, genetic intelligence
o This is where things become genuinely weird
o Existing conditions that are shared among the immediate family members
* Circuit 8: non-local
o Out of body experiences, near-death experiences
o Finding non-locality in your experience, beyond the confines of time and space
o What Antero calls "Void"
o Connections between circuits 1-5, 2-6, 3-7, 4-8

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