Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Radical Change Group & Antero Alli: 8 Circuit Brain Model

Radical Change Group: The 8 Circuit Brain Model, Part 1 - Conversations with Antero Alli

Great first part of a podcast trilogy, will be posting the other parts tomorrow and the day after to hopefully tune in the most listeners. Featuring a great intro to the 8 Circuit model, the first 2 circuits and much more. Antero Alli, the author of Angel Tech, is such a great resource for the consciousness community, and so is Radical Change Group, check out their huge free archive of podcasts on Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Language, Business, Leadership, Mythology, and Spirituality. Subscribe to their podcasts here!

From the site: Today we are starting an exciting new series of conversations with an author, a ritualist, a film maker, a dramatist, and astrologer, and a theater director Antero Alli. These series of conversations are near and dear both to our hearts, and to the work that Antero does.

Antero Alli was born in 1952 in Helsinki, Finland. He is an author of such books as AngelTech, Towards an Archeology of the Soul, Astrologic, the Vertical Oracle, and the Akashic Record Player. His deep background in theatre and paratheatre has resulted in numerous original performance works since 1977, and he’s currently the artistic director of ParaTheatrical ReSearch - a Berkeley based group of trained physical performers exploring asocial ritual dynamics. Since 1991 Antero has been writing, directing and producing his own films which include 6 feature functions, 3 paratheatre video documents, and about 20 short works.

This series of conversations is on the topic called the 8 Circuit Brain model. It is something that Timothy Leary first brought into the western consciousness, and later Robert Anton Wilson in his book Prometheus Rising gave it a more wide spread appeal. It was further developed by Antero in his book “Angel Tech”.

This conversation covers the following topics:
  • History and introduction to the 8-circuit brain model
  • Absorb, Integrate, Transmit: Intelligence Increase
  • Embracing humility, flaws & paradox on the human journey
  • Circuit 1: Bio-Survival intelligence
  • Circuit 2: Emotional-Territorial intelligence
  • Direct experience
  • Meeting the needs of the second circuit


Anonymous said...

What a great find - I look forward to listening to these podcasts - thanks.

Anonymous said...

Have really enjoyed what Radical Change Group is doing, what a wonderful treasure.
Do you know who these guys are? What is the catch? I cant see them selling anything esp. for something that is such high quality - makes me suspicious :)


Dedroidify said...

Yup, I'm in contact with one of the guys and will be hopefully collaborating more with them in the near future.

Nothing to be suspicious about, just finally the right guys who were already succesfull to come along and spread worthy information for free instead of the insane freaking prices most 'teachers' ask. Some of those people need to be locked up for what they're charging and teaching.

I know, it sounds too good to be true, but it is reality. I hope that becomes a trend :p