Thursday, June 5, 2008

Radical Change Group: 8 Circuit Brain Model, part 3 - conversations with Antero Alli

Third & final part of the Radical Change Group conversations with Antero Alli:

This series of conversations is on the topic called the 8 Circuit Brain model. It is something that Timothy Leary first brought into the western consciousness. Later, Robert Anton Wilson in his book Prometheus Rising gave it a more wide spread appeal, and Antero in his book AngelTech provided a more hands-on approach to the same model.

This conversation covers the following topics:

  • Timothy Leary, Robert Anton Wilson, and Antero Alli - comparing approaches
  • Language as a magical act - evoking experiences through the use of language
    • Writing of Robert Anton Wilson
  • Interactions of lower and upper circuits
    • 1 & 5: anchor / stabilize your survival needs before you can safely experience bliss, and experience it longer. Get high, but remember to pay rent and stuff the fridge.
    • Each upper circuit contains a specific shock to the system. The shock of circuit 5 is the shock of ecstasy. Circuit 6 - the shock of freedom.
    • 2 & 6: develop emotional connections before opening up circuit six. Vision without compassion is cruelty.
    • 3 & 7: the rational mind has a need to come up with new words and symbols to convey the experience of the shock of unity of the 7th circuit.

Radical Change Group



A visually stunning movie and again related to Mind Control. Here is the Synchromystic write up by PseudOccult Media, which has amazing synchromystic roundups of observances in the media.

MirrorMask: Josefine Cronholm - Close to You

Check out the unrelated comments for a free display in online paranoia & sadness!

New Habits

As I need to straighten out a lot of aspects of my offline-life, I'm lessening my dedication to this blog. There will still be sporadic posts though nothing is for certain.

Mind Control Themes and Programming Triggers in Movies

As promised in the music vid post, here's the article: "Mind Control Themes and Programming Triggers in Movies" from (featuring analysis of the movies Labyrinth, The Manchurian Candidate, Fight Club, Eyes Wide Shut, V For Vendetta, Mulholland Drive, The Game, Stay, Total Recall, Vanilla Sky, The Matrix trilogy, and others). It will explain a lot through movies making it recognizable, easy and fast to learn.

This is a long but fascinating article, if you want more information you can check out The Truth About the Entertainment Industry by Wes Penre. You can download the linked book Chasing Phantoms by Carissa Conti. The book Unshackled by former Mind Control victim Kathleen Sullivan is available on googlebooks to read online. And earlier posted book The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave by Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier.

Thanks to PseudOccult media for all of this!

School of Fish - Three Strange Days

School of Fish - Three Strange Days

This Mind Control related music video includes Masonic checkered floors, pillars, alternate realities, displacement, windows and doors. Karma, if that flawed concept exists (to which I'm open to, I freaking hope it does as I see little or no justice - just ice - in this reality), is a bitch as the singer of this band was rewarded with testicular cancer and instead of winning the Tour de France died instead at age 32. I will have post(s) explaining more about mind control later today. Here are the lyrics, I won't explain them as I find it pretty blatant enough to grasp right away and the article later will be much more clear. Tomorrow I will analyze another song's music video and lyrics extensively though making much more clear to the beginners. (of which I am one too!).

For three strange days
I had no obligations
My mind was a blur
I did not know what to do
I think I lost myself
When I lost my motivation
Now I'm walking 'round the city
Just waiting to come to
For three strange...

For three strange days
I couldn't put a smile on my face
So they dressed me up in all of their clothes
And took me somewhere else
Johnny Clueless was there
With his simulated wood grain
So I pulled up a chair
And started drinking by myself
For three strange...

I've got to make it through
No matter what it takes
Oh I've got to make it through
These strange days

I lay down for a while
And I woke up on the ocean
Floating on my back
And staring at the gray
It was completely still
Except the pounding of my heart
Bringing me back to life
From three strange days
Three strange...
Three strange days
Three strange days

Secret Service Provides Free Publicity For Controversial Art

Would you have sex with her? Neither would Bill.

The NYPD and the Secret Service shut down an art exhibition across the street from the New York Times building earlier this morning. The show's title was "The Assassination of Hillary Clinton/The Assassination of Barack Obama" This is today's "Thing most assured of getting in the tabloids tomorrow." The artist, Yazmany Arboleda, says his project is really about the media—he's definitely good at getting media attention, at least. He's even set up a website for each candidate's assassination (uh, in the media).

Daily Dedroidify: Shine on You Crazy Diamond

Pink Floyd - Shine on You Crazy Diamond

Remember when you were young?
You shined like the sun...


Syd Barret was one of the founding geniuses of Pink Floyd, If the US government didn't outlaw research on LSD and other hallucinogens, and spread real info instead of disinfo, maybe Syd and a lot of other youths could have learned about real reality instead of losing grip on this one.