Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Symbolism, Swastikas and the Borg

"Signs and symbols control the world, not phrases and laws."

I guess you'll be seeing much more Symbolism posts as I'm diving in deep. I appreciate all comments as I'm just a novice.

The wiki article says that the Swastika is a symbol found back archeologically to at least the Neolithic period. Originally the meaning was lucky or auspicious object, and in particular a mark made on persons and things to denote good luck. So it's not evil just cause the Nazis used it, the Nazis may have used it just for luck :p

Ever taken a good look at the microsoft symbol? Click the pic for a bigger version, it has the swastika made clearer... It's possible be they're just using it for luck too, though it's kinda conspicuous that RFID chips have a Swastika lay-out too, perhaps it's not all harmless symbolism. Btw, one manufacturer of RFID is called Alien Technology

Check this article too about a font containing the swastika, purely by accident of course.

Below you can see an actual commercial for the Xbox360, click to see a short article with link to the commercial.

It's safe to say Microsoft is American. So here's another Nazi-US crossover I can show you right away (I'm sure there's a heap of 'em).

Oh snap, the pledge of Allegiance used to be similar to the Nazi salute. Hahaha, gotta love history, it's amazing how boring they can make it in schools. No wonder, they throw all the interesting stuff out! Just a nice little ritual with an intention to ensure allegiance indeed, for either 'country'.

From the wiki: Before World War II, the Pledge would begin with the right hand over the heart during the phrase "I pledge allegiance". The arm was then extended toward the Flag at the phrase "to the Flag", and it remained outstretched during the rest of the pledge, with the palm facing upward, as if to lift the flag. However, during World War II the outstretched arm became identified with Nazism and Fascism, and the custom was changed: today the Pledge is said from beginning to end with the right hand over the heart.

The Swastika is also known as the Double Cross (know that expression? "To fool someone").

Referenced by Bishop Fulton J. Sheen, on the April 6, 1941 edition of his radio program The Catholic Hour, who not only compared the Cross of Christ with the swastika, but also implying that siding with fascism was a "double-crossing" of Christianity.

However the Bishop is not informed enough (who is, really :p), as he seems to have forgotten Christianity itself uses a Double Cross as a Symbol. Teehee. It's also a Templar and hence Masonic Symbol

Here are two Swastikas in a Synagoge, why not! Click the link for the location of these.

Founded in the 1970s, the Raëlian Movement, a small cult believing in the possibility of immortality by scientific progress and extraterrestrial life, used a symbol that was the source of considerable controversy: an interlaced Star of David and swastika. In 1991, the symbol was changed to remove the swastika and deflect public criticism (lol). The symbol was restored to its original form in 2007 (loll'er). The group is non-theistic, secular, hedonistic, and supports human cloning. It also has the New Age message down.

Why I find this small cult interesting and disturbing is that there is one theory of the illuminati as follows. There are two groups, the Mages and the Technocrats (the elite). The Technocrats believe they can become immortal through science and technology and enslave humanity through it. This is why Microchips for in the body, nanotech and cloning should be kept a close eye on. Notice the 4 squares on the left Borg Chest which could be loosely interpreted as a Microsoft logo and thus a Swastika.

Here is an excerpt, from a letter from a supposed Illuminati (wait till you read the end of it). The letter which I uploaded for you, is kinda contrived and humiliating as it's supposedly written by something supposedly higher up the food chain. (Don't be too intimidated, notice how many fuck-ups it mentions by them :p) Whoever wrote it - wether completely true, truth mixed with lies as usual or completely false - probably had a ball writing it. Though it definitely is an interesting read. Here it talks about the Technocrats:

"Also Illuminati but lesser in their vision for humanity, though they would not agree. They are often referred to as the Technocracy, and they have a huge, unsuspecting, human following. It seems they are content to use their creations only on the material level, and to fulfill a new dimensional level in the form of immortality through technology, and science resulting in abolishing death of the conduit called the human body.

This approach is not in the best interest of humanity for this will create a prison, and perpetual energy sources for their (the Technocrat's) needs and disregarding the needs of the essences which animates the human brain. Without the needed addition of molecular structure change directly related to DNA as well as quintessential exchange banks based in the vibration capabilities of the physical cellular structure evolution will be halted and humanity connections will be severed from the whole. Or, in other words humanity must reach a level of essential autonomy so as to manifest all its maintenance needed in the physical state without depleting its source which would be a planet in your species case and has been named Earth... "

I can't help but share this short excerpt too cause it's too funny:
"Granted the ego structure of your kind has from the beginning been some what of a disappointment. Its purpose has almost become obsolete over the past 2 decades which in turn has created a restlessness and unusual need to engage in pointless activities that have in no way a positive effect upon your future."


The Sol Provider said...

Initial comment:

The symbolism used by the controllers is connected to sequences in the human body, dna, and thought process.

It would seem to be an advantage to them because the masses are kept in ignorance through a bogus educational system as well as a need for sense pleasure.

I will define this more clearly in my next response.

tinny ray said...

Interesting post. The USA used the swastika before the German National Socialists. Although an ancient symbol, it was also used as meshed S-letters for "socialism" under the National Socialist German Workers Party. They did not call it a swastika. It was a Hakenkreuz, hooked cross. And as you mentioned, the USA used the stiff-armed salute before German National Socialists. The Pledge of Allegiance was the origin of the salute adopted later by German National Socialists. And Francis Bellamy was a self-declared national socialist in the USA long before the existence of the National Socialist German Workers Party. You won't see that in school or on wikipedia. Wiki is misleading in the quote you used. The Pledge, written in 1892 (well before World War II) begain with a military salute that was then extended out toward the flag. Not a hand over the heart. In practice the second gesture was performed palm down. Bellamy touted military socialism.