Saturday, June 7, 2008

International Visitor Leadership Program

How long can the rigged game of politics continue with information like this coming out, well long because not enough care to learn it (:p). Here is another blatant display of a global effort for a New World Order: A US Program called the International Visitor Leadership Program which of course started with Nelson Rockefeller to train world leaders:

The International Visitor Leadership Program annually brings to the United States approximately 5,000 foreign nationals from all over the world to meet and confer with their professional counterparts and to experience America firsthand. The visitors, who are selected by American Foreign Service Officers overseas, are current or potential leaders in government, politics, the media, education, labor relations, the arts, business and other fields.

Among the thousands of distinguished individuals who have participated in the International Visitor Leadership Program since its inception more than five decades ago are more than 200 current and former Chiefs of State, 1,500 cabinet-level ministers, and many, many other distinguished leaders from the public and private sectors.

Just some of the alumni: Margaret Thatcher (turbo bitch & Reagan puppet), Tony Blair & Gordon Brown (any doubt left of their puppet-hood?), Guy Verhofstadt (former Belgian prime minister, aka Baby-Thatcher, hmm!), Nicolas Sarkozy (French President who incited the Paris Riots), Jan Peter Balkenede (aka Harry Potter, Belgian big mouth minister of foreign affairs and fellow NWO puppet Karel De Gucht said "Balkenende is a mix of Harry Potter and a petty rigid bourgeois mentality". It's just a game. Several attempts have been made to popularise Balkenende's image. During the 2006 election campaign, the political youth organisation CDJA created special T-shirts with the prime minister's face turned into Che Guevara. - no shame), Felipe de Jesus Calderon Hinojosa (Mexican puppet president, will be no trouble to form the North American Union), Marius Job Cohen (Amsterdam mayor, getting rid of legal prostitution there by taking on... the landlords) and many others.

Deltron 3030: 3030

Deltron 3030: 3030

The initial 'music' sample isn't it, try to withstand the initial seconds of horror lol
wtf was the uploader thinking?

Yo it's 3030,
I want yall to meet Deltron zero,
hero, not no small feat.
it's all heat in this day and age,
I rage your grave,
anything it takes to save the day
neuromancer, perfect blend
of technology and magic
use my rappin' so you all could see the hazards
plus entertainment where many are brainless
we cultivated the lost art of study
and I brought a buddy
automator harder slayer
fascinating combinations
cyber warlords are activating abominations
arm a nation with hatred we ain't with that
we high-tech archeologists searching for nicknacks
composing musical stimpacks that impacts the song
crack the motor what you think you rappin for?
I used to be a mech soldier but I didn't respect orders
I had to step forward, tell them this ain't for us
living in a post-apocalyptic world morbid and horrid
the secrets of the past they horded
now we just boarded on a futuristic spacecraft
no mistakes black it's our music we must take back

yo it's 3030,
I want yall to meet deltron zero, and automator

Del I'm feeling like a ghost in a shell
I wrote this in jail playing host to a cell
for the pure verbal,
they said my sentance was equivalent to murder
just another hurdle, I bounced through a portal
I knew they had the mindstate of mere mortals
my ears morphed to receptors to catch ya
every word about gravity control
and the families they hold for handsome ransoms
on the run with a handgun blast bioforms, I am more
than a planetwide manhunt with cannons
will make me abondon my foolish plan of uprising
f*ck dying I hijack a mech
controlling with my magical chance so battle advance
through centuries a hip hop legacy, megaspeed
hyperwarp to automator's crib and light the torch
they can't fight the force,
victory is ours once we strike the source
enterprising wise men look to the horizon
thinking more capitalism is the wisdom
and in prison all citizens in power with rythm
we keep the funk alive by talking with idioms

yo it's 3030,
I want yall to meet deltron zero, and automator

Isn't eternal evil concerned with thievery
medieval prehistoric rhetoric well we ahead of that
lay it down with soundwaves that pound pavement
original minstrals my central processing unit
is in tune with my heart for this art
not artificial cause that makes it hard to miss you
copycats finish last in the human race
staying glued to safes to prude to take a Buddah break
we got ESPers that let us bless with fresh shit
undetected by yes men questing for
five fleeting nanoseconds of fame
protecting the brain from conspiracies
against my cosmos
while I float to Neo-Tokyo with opio
or discuss combusitible rust clusters with plus
evade cyber police in a computer crib
confuse the kids
but I can make the kickin' rhymes that's sacred
telepathic mind that takes its greatness from the matrix
ESPer rhyme professor
rushes in ultra pressures with correction measures
while half the world's a desert
cannibals eat human brains for dessert
buried under deap dirt, mobility innert
I insert these codes for the cataclysm
ever since I had the vision use my magnitism
in this modern metropolis they tries to lock us up
under preposterous laws thats not for us

yo it's 3030,
I want yall to meet deltron zero, and automator

Daily Dedroidify: Adyashanti

Daily Dedroidify: Adyashanti

Born as Steven Gray, Adyashanti studied Zen for 14 years under the guidance of his Zen teacher Arvis Joen Justi. Arvis was a student of Taizan Maezumi Roshi of the Zen Center of Los Angeles before he requested that she teach. Adyashanti was regularly sent by Arvis to Zen sesshins, where he also studied under Jakusho Kwong Roshi of the San Francisco Zen Center.

At age 25 he began experiencing a series of transformative spiritual awakenings and eventually Bodhi, better known as enlightenment in the west. His teachings and basic world view suggest nondualism and thus teaches the liberation of beings from the illusion of separation, also known as maya (illusion). This is a classic eastern ideology familiar to both Buddhism and Hinduism.

The basic concept of this ideology is that humans tend to identify with a sense of self that is essentially not real, or sometimes called empty. The Buddha called this idea no-self, or anatta. Suffering is thus said to be caused by the belief in a separate self that seems to be divided from the world. If someone was to realize that they, as an individually isolated self, was not real, but that there is only one being, known as Buddha-nature in Buddhism or Brahman in Advaita Vedanta, then they would be awakened to the true nature of their being, oneness. To have such an awakening is to realize that there is no me and no other, there is only one. One being, one universe, one everything. Suffering, however, does not necessarily end here. After an awakening it is suggested that there is often a long process of embodiment where the old beliefs of the body and mind, sometimes called samskaras, gradually yield to the new understanding of one's true nature. Spontaneous Awakening and Falling Away are two great audiobooks I recommend.

Adyashanti: What is Enlightenment?

Adyashanti Quotes
"...In the end spirituality is not about watching the breath. It's about waking up from the dream of separateness to the truth of unity."

"There is only life living itself, life seeing itself, life hearing itself, life meeting itself as each moment."

"The proof that there was something wrong was that I wasn't spiritually awakened. If there was nothing wrong then I would be spiritually awakened... Little did I know that the whole sense that there was something wrong was being totally grasped by the clutches of ego, that was ego. There was somehow something deficient, that idea itself was ego and had led to innumerable egoic episodes. Egocentered narratives in the novel of my life. Even with the sense of neutrality there was this unconscious thread that there was something wrong... And if there's a definition of ego, there's one definition of ego that has some real truth to it, it is: there's something wrong...
I'm not awake, I'm not spiritually enlightened, because there's something wrong. if there wasn't something wrong I would be enlightened you see. So this idea, this felt experience, actually is a big part of what ego is you see. Cause if there's nothing wrong, all the self-contradiction just falls away. Which is of course what it does when we awaken to our true nature. And we see from the eyes of spirit rather than from the eyes of mind. From the eyes of spirit there is nothing wrong. There is nothing wrong with you, with them. This was quite a surprise, there was actually nothing wrong." (Falling Away)

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