Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jordan Maxwell on the Alex Jones Show: Their Endgame

Jordan Maxwell on the Alex Jones Show: Their Endgame

Then check out this: Animal-Human Hybrids Spark Controversy

Joe Rogan ~ Terence McKenna's shrooms 'stoned ape' theory of human evolution

Joe Rogan ~ Terence McKenna's shrooms 'stoned ape' theory of human evolution

Here's a link to's stoned ape page.

How to sing like a planet

Scientists say the Earth is humming. Not just noise, but a deep, astonishing music. Can you hear it?

Article at SFGate

I'm not usually bothered by this at all, since I use the words myself, but his 'hell' placements (4 of them, 2 in one paragraph) & especially the 'goddamn' placement at the end I found insanely out of place in an article like that.

Philip H. Farber: Entity Modeling

Philip H. Farber: Entity Modeling 1 & part 2

Philip H. Farber, author of Meta-Magick: The Book of Atem (Weiser Books 2008) speculates on recent discoveries in neuroscience and their relation to magick and NLP. How and why do we perceive entities in the processes of evocation and invocation? Are gods, goddesses, angels, demons and imaginary friends actually wired into our brains?

Attention Introverts: How to Become More Extroverted

Here is a Pick the Brain article focusing on how to improve extrovert skills:
1. Being comfortable with groups of people.
2. Meeting people easily.
3. Having conversations without wondering what to say.

I value my deep introversion infinitely higher over any social skills, which in our society to me basically seemed like being a good hypocrit (before I 'explored' more, hey sorry, it did) - I do appreciate them more now, as I tend to be the one to blurt out the hard truth regardless of how it makes one feel (since I value truth over anything else myself, and people are so in love with their illusions). Not to mention my hate of small talk, I mean damn, a characteristic of extroverts is that they talk and act without thinking. To me that's like a definition of insanity/stupidity but hey, I guess overthinking everything isn't too great either all the time... Oh duality, how you teach (and freaking frustrate) us.
I started exploring psychology and types just to understand how the extroverted creatures on this planet freaking operate cause I didn't understand their motivations at all. Now I am at least interested in human (*cough* BS robot/droid) interaction, in the beginning it was like a cute experiment to watch it in action (sometimes it still is) - though perception is a great filter again, if you see anyone as a potential teacher you will find that and even the least informed among us can sometimes dazzle us with that synchronistic remark you just needed at that time. There are many different forms of intelligence and each one can be appreciated and learned or improved.

I know I sound very dark sometimes, I have the remains of a deep rooted contempt for the average intelligence in the common domesticated primate. I'd join the secret societies IF they weren't responsible for this shit. "The people don't want the truth, join us." Cause you conditioned them with belief systems for centuries you IDIOTS. Who'd wanna join a bunch of jackasses who are responsible for so many pathetic "Cyst-ems & Con Troll"?

The Woman In The Red Dress

Any of you truth seekers extroverts? Cause I have a hard time imagining that. Please shatter another limiting belief o' mine ;). When I dish out truth people I talk to find all kinds of red dresses, look a birdy. Anything but going deeper on the subject. But... how then do you ever learn or realize something?

Aspartame: Hidden Poison

Aspartame: Hidden Poison

Dr. H.J.Roberts: "Aspartame is an artificial sweetener, an additive. And its a chemical, its not a natural product. The molecule is made up of three components, two are amino acids the so called building blocks of protein. One is called Phenyalanine, wich is about 50% of the molecule, and the other is Aspartic acid, wich is like 40% of the molecule. The other 10% is a so called Methyl ester, wich as soon it is swalled, becomes free methol alchol, Methanol with alcohol. Wich is a POISON, a real poison."

Dr. Blaylock: "Were developing a society because of all these different toxins, known to affect brainfunctions. We see in our society not only has alot more people of lower IQ, but alot fewer people of higher IQ. In other words a dumbing down, a chemical dumbing down of society. So everyone is sort of mediocre, that leaves them dependent on government, because they cant excell. We have these people of lower IQ who are totally dependent, and we have this mass of people who believes anything whatever they are told, because they cant really think clearly. And very few people of very high IQ, have good cognitive functions, who could figure this all out, and thats what they want."

Coke Zero: Zero Sugar, Zero Healthy.
Dumbing down people around the world. The way it should be!
It'll turn you into a Zero.

Daily Dedroidify: Brown's Gas

Daily Dedroidify: Brown's Gas: Too cheap and revolutionary for its own good

Fire From Water!? The current theory of Brown's Gas states that it is a mixture of di-atomic and mon-atomic hydrogen and oxygen. Water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen and can be easily separated into it's components. Which when recombined releases a tremendous amount of energy. Brown's Gas is efficient, safe, clean & cheap to operate - so you can see why retarded politicians and rich companies stay away from it...
* New theory of Brown's gas: 'electrically expanded water.'

Proven uses of Brown's Gas:
Neutralization of radioactive waste!!! - Officially proven to work in Canada! Too politically hot at the moment. This single application is worth billions of dollars and can revolutionize the nuclear power generation industry.
Weld: glass, quartz, ceramic, brick, copper, aluminum, cast iron, titanium
Cut: iron, steel, cast iron
Vaporize: carbide, diamonds, tungsten
Can fuse dissimilar compounds: brick to iron, brass to glass

Other possible uses of Brown's Gas:
purify water, hydrated water for health, detoxifying water, atmosphere enhancement, muscle relaxation & pain relief, speed healing of wounds, help plants germinate and grow, creating new industrial materials, transmutation, inexpensive toxic waste disposal, vastly increase recoverable ore, underwater breathing gas, super-efficient room heating, surface treatment of materials, combustion enhancement and even Brown's Gas Water as a fuel for cars!

Not as long as the people accept these idiotic policies.

Too good to be true? linx:
Eagle Research - Other Possible Uses - Car on Brown's Gas - Nuclear Remediation - working Engine on Brown's Gas - Difference between Brown's & Rhodes Gas

Free Energy (Streaming video lectures):
Brown's Gas GV
Equinox: It runs on water
Free Energy: The Race to Zero Point
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