Monday, December 15, 2008

Justice League Unlimited

Christopher Knowles recommended the excellent Justice League Unlimited and it's just full of synchromystic goodies! Here's a post about the first episode and some random extras. I also finished the game on PS2 and had to defeat Darkseid at the end with a hypercube.

First episode: Secret Origins
Damn astronauts, always opening up Martian prisons that house entire planet-devouring races. Why do you think that door is closed with ancient markings numbnuts? :p If you can't read it, don't touch. RTFM. This is not Ikea. Too much to ask, the aliens come to earth!
The aliens can assume human form, and are preparing the way for their buddies at Wayne Corp.
Protesting against Nuclear Arms.
The Black Monolith UN thingy.
This poly-tic'ian together with Superman has called for removing all Nuclear Arms from the planet, noble huh, but not if the guy is an alien in disguise. Nice going Supes.
Here come the bad guys!
One-eyed tripod megaweapon, noooo!

Free the Martian, meet J'onn Jonnz! Lam? Voiced by Carl Lumbly of Alias.
Of course emprisoned by the Alien infiltrated Government.
The sole Survivor of Mars who locked up the other race.
Before a human astronaut had to open the door.

The one eyed baddies, loosely based on the White Martians
Terraforming a planet, to engulf it in absolute darkness cause you're a no-sun-withstanding pussy race, is usually considered pretty uncool throughout the multiverse. If you can't stand the sun, go somewhere without one!

and finally the tentacle baddy over-lord hive mind.
Superman at Mushroom forest in 'Hereafter'
Conspiracy Researcher The Question in 'Fearful Symmetry'
(I downloaded all the Question comics immediately after seeing this episode.)

The Question is a major recurring character in the animated television series Justice League Unlimited, voiced by Re-Animator's Jeffrey Combs (who previously voiced the Scarecrow on The New Batman Adventures). Like his comic book counterpart, he uses a special mask (bonded to his face by a gaseous chemical) to conceal his identity. He is portrayed as a conspiracy theorist, a blend of Rorschach from the Watchmen comics and Fox Mulder of the popular X-Files series. His character design is similar to the O'Neil/Cowan revamp of the character.

The Question of the DC Animated Universe is a completely obsessive, darkly comic loner — skeptical, eccentric, paranoid, antagonistic and somewhat unpredictable. He is given to believing in abstruse conspiracy theories and is suspicious of even his fellow League members; despite this (or perhaps because of it), he is one of the Justice League's best detectives. At one point, he mentions that Supergirl eats peanut butter sandwiches before going to bed, to which she asks him whether he goes through her trash: he responds, "Please... I go through everyone's trash."
The Question's various conspiracy theories, which he insists are a single, tied-together theory, are usually portrayed in a humorous manner. He claims the motives and purpose of aglets (the plastic caps at the end of shoelaces) are "sinister", that the government is brainwashing people through "secret messages, coded in amino acid chains in low-carb cereal bars", believes in ominous links between boy bands and global warming, the Girl Scouts and the crop circle phenomenon, and fluoridated toothpaste and spy satellites.

He also believes there was a literal 'magic bullet', forged by Illuminati mystics to hide 'the truth' (although as this was said under torture, he may have been mocking his captor). In recent investigations, he also discovered that Baskin-Robbins in fact has thirty-two flavors of ice cream, and is concealing the thirty-second for dubious reasons. All of these theories are apparently tied to a single, vast conspiracy by a hidden cabal dating back to ancient Egypt, which has supposedly ruled the world from the shadows for millennia, aided by the common man's ignorance of it.

Atlantis in 'The Enemy Below'

Faust in 'Paradise Lost'

Stargate Interdimensional Travel in 'Legends'

Green Lantern's Ring powers a Stargate


Japanorama - 101 - Science Fiction (Season 1, 3 and more here)

Check out Japanorama to learn more about the many fascinating Japanese reality tunnels. Hosted by Jonathan Ross, Japan is so weird you can't help but laugh out loud every episode.

(Is broadcaster still working for you? It hasn't worked in four days or so here)

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