Monday, December 22, 2008

Justice League Unlimited & Batman: Brave and the Bold

Some more Synchromystic Justice League: Secret government operations, chaos magick and stargates. And a UFO stargate from Batman: Brave and the Bold.

Justice League Unlimited

A new team of heroes, the Ultimen, help the Justice League defeat fire monsters that are attacking an oil rig. But the Ultimen soon discover that a dark secret lies at the heart of their origins and their sponsorship: a secret US government cloning program, and all except one turn against the Justice League.
The Ultimen discover more clones of themselves.
The Government takes them in except for the one good guy that the League won't allow to be taken, the woman answers Batman's question of "who are you" with "That's a national security matter, and if I were you I wouldn't probe the situation too closely, rich boy."

Wake the Dead
A few kids perform a Chaos Magick ritual to fend off some bullies
but unknowingly revive Solomon Grundy instead, oops.
At first. Besides the visuals, they don't feel stronger. So they think it didn't work.
"That's what I get buying a book of spells off the internet."
But just a bit later a knock on the door...
Ya have to be clear about the intention ;p
Dr. Fate appears in an Ankh Stargate to warn that Grundy is back.
Dr. Fate: "The grave was forced open from the inside,
the site reeks of Chaos Magick."

Literal mention of Chaos Magick on tv, yes please.

The Once and Future Thing
More Time Travel Stargate action.
This guy tries to get away from his wife rather dramatically.
It causes some Justice Leaguers to go to the old West
And the future
One of the lairs of the time controlling bad guy, Chronos, obviously.

Batman: Brave and the Bold
Rise of the Blue Beetle

This show is for a younger audience, and has Batman team up with other heroes.The Blue Beetle's suit opens a Stargate on its own
Look at this, a wormhole stargate in the making, looks like a UFO.

The World according to Monsanto: Controlling our Food

The World according to Monsanto: Controlling our Food

And this here is a dutch report about Monsanto trying to patent pigs, no really. Btw Obama appointed Monsanto's buddy Tom Vilsack as his Secretary of Agriculture.

The Subs - Music Is The New Religion

The Subs - Music Is The New Religion

I am excited! About the house of... God!
God's gonna put a miracle in your house.

Interesting symbolism in the vid too. Belgian and sampled from the old school 'DHS: House of God', original lyrics here.