Friday, March 27, 2009

Movie Magick

Remember this Reaper pentagram post and check out another company that uses the broken pentagram as its logo. A Belgian chain of movie theaters with theaters all over Europe.

Kinepolis. Kinesthetic Police. Keeping you on your ass.
(Cinema, from Gk Kinema, movement. By the Lumière Bros!).Nine dots, somehow I knew before counting
From the opening in Ostend, lit broken pentagram, arch, twin Obelisk towers and everythan'.
From an opening in Brussels with the Atomium tree of life and heavenly beams.
Atomium reflecting in Kinepolis movie theatre windows.
More twin towers with X-Boxes.
Enter... enter!
The temple.
Lit stairway to heaven.
Backstage of the Magick act.

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Portland Magician said...

the convention center in portland oregon is another obvious match