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Star(gate) Trek DS9 Synchromystic Tidbits

Synchromystic tidbit fun time
Plenty to choose from here, after all this is the show featuring president Obama, I mean Commander Sisko who runs the space station DS9 after the CERN 'launch', I mean the discovery of a stable wormhole. There's a clear d and 9 in the CERN logo, and if you really want it to be there you can find an S. You have to admit, the image of the space station next to the logo is interesting too.

From the first episode Emissary synopsis:
Sisko finds that he has encountered entities in the wormhole who speak to him through images of his wife, friends, and crew members. The "wormhole entities" question Sisko's corporeal and linear existence, and explain that they become disrupted when such beings pass through the wormhole.
Sisko attempts to explain how his kind thrive on its linear existence, but the entities point out that he continues to return to the moment of his wife Jennifer's death. "You are here!" Sisko comes to the rationalization that he has been grieving over the loss of his wife and explains this to the aliens.

The wormhole entities could be any kind of entity one might encounter OBE through the stargate of 8th Circuit Neuroatomic consciousness. As the modus operandi of these wormhole entities is very reminiscent of certain altered states of the entheogenic kind; "What comes before now, is no different than what is now, or what is to come, it's one's existence."

Dax meditating, an exercise where you have to maintain the shape of some kind of energy ball. (1x04 A man alone).

Dr. Baltar & Dr. Bashir
Lookalikes! Thanks to BSG Baltar, I can finally stand Bashir and can now watch DS9 heh. The actor who plays Bashir, Alexander Siddig was originally Rick Berman's first choice to play Benjamin Sisko, the DS9 commander. Later his lookalike James Callis' character Baltar, also a doctor and womanizer, would become the president for a while in the new Battlestar Galactica.

Remember this post the Atomium Sync Trail, I saw this DS9 episode recently called "Move Along Home" (1x10), where some characters get trapped in a 'game'. One of the subgames is a game of replicating a hopskotch routine. (I also recently came across the Atomium/Tree of Life image on a magick book in a Red Knight comic book, which I will post here asap.)
Eye-in-Pyramid dice
Haha, it's just a game!

Interesting architecture on the Cardassian space station. (The Nagus 1x11)

Stargate Wormhole Action

For CK and Jake, a leprechaun Rumplestiltskin, oh well ;)
From the episode "If Wishes Were Horses" wherein an alien species tries to learn more about humanoid imagination by making it manifest in reality.

Odo, the shapeshifting Security Chief. When Odo finally finds his people, he finds out they are the leaders of the Dominion, a ruthless and militaristic state of the Gamma Quadrant. Interestingly, Odo is a name typically associated with historical figures from the Middle Ages and before, clerics and royals mostly. Odo is etymologically related to the names Otho and Otto, and to the French name Odon, and to the Italian names Ottone and Udo; all come from a Germanic word meaning "possessor of wealth".

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