Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Entheogens are One Key to the Doorway of Enlightenment

NeuroSoup: Entheogens are One Key to the Doorway of Enlightenment

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Christopher Knowles said...

I think the word "key" here is crucial. Entheogens are just a key to the Doors of Perception. Study, meditation, dreamwork, therapy, physical modalities like yoga or martial arts are also a very important part to the process- as is a phenomenal level of discipline and commitment. I don't use hallucinogens now, but I still very much see my work as a continuation of those explorations. I think people who read the Secret Sun understand that. Maybe in the future I will return to those explorations, but at the moment I feel it's very important to explore information that is less personal and subjective and provide information that people can share and experience with or without the neurochemical tools.

The thing that I strongly believe- and RAW said the exact same thing himself when I saw him back in 91- is that that reckless, undisciplined use of hallucinogens has been a tremendous setback to the serious study of these tools. I hope the idiotic drug war will eventually become so cumbersome and self-defeating that therapists at least will be able to work with some of these tools again.