Thursday, June 11, 2009

More DS9 aka Stargate Station tidbits

Episode 4x10 Our Man Bashir
A James Bond Holodeck story has dr. Julian Bashir as the spy... and none other than Benjamin Sisko (am I the only who thinks Avery Brooks is the worst actor in the entire Star Trek franchise? - ignoring Enterprise, that doesn't exist in my BS :p - WTF!) aka the Obama-Resonator as the Bond-Villain Hippocrates Noah... Hmm interesting, especially the following...

"We are building a new future here, a new beginning for mankind. A new chapter in Human history will open... right here, on my island."
Sisko Hippocrates Noah

"...Visionary, I am going to let mankind begin anew, here, on this Island paradise, the only place that will remain above water on my brave new world..."
Sisko as Hippocrates Noah

SISKO: You make a very interesting argument, Mister Bashir. But I'm afraid I've been looking forward to killing you for a long time.
BASHIR: You need to move beyond that. You need to start thinking about your new world order. You may even need someone like me.
(Bashir has moved near the control console)
SISKO: If you think that by going over there you are going to destroy my control console, you're wasting your time.
BASHIR: I don't intend to destroy your console, Doctor. I intend to use it.
(Bashir presses the large red button.)
DAX: You've just activated the final laser sequence.
KIRA: You've destroyed the Earth.
(to keep the characters busy until they can be beamed out again in the real world, Bashir destroys the holodeck simulated Earth)

GARAK: Interesting. You saved the day by destroying the world.
BASHIR: I bet they didn't teach you that at the Obsidian Order.

Episode 4x12 Crossfire
SHAKAAR: The other day I heard someone say that if you happen to see the wormhole open, you get to make a wish.
KIRA: That's been going around the station for a while now.

Episode 4x17 Accession
Episode 17 of the 4th Season for the "Death & Rebirth of the Emissary"
Our Obama-Resonator happens to be a Religious Icon...
DAX: It isn't that bad, is it, being the Emissary? A few ceremonies, an occasional blessing.
SISKO: I didn't say it was that bad. It's just hard getting used to being a religious icon.
DAX: Really? I think I'd like it.
especially that...

Episode 4x22 For the Cause
EDDINGTON [on monitor]: I know you. I was like you once, but then I opened my eyes. Open your eyes, Captain. Why is the Federation so obsessed about the Maquis? We've never harmed you, and yet we're constantly arrested and charged with terrorism. Starships chase us through the Badlands and our supporters are harassed and ridiculed. Why? Because we've left the Federation, and that's the one thing you can't accept. Nobody leaves paradise. Everyone should want to be in the Federation. Hell, you even want the Cardassians (reptilians) to join. You're only sending them replicators because one day they can take their rightful place on the Federation Council. You know, in some ways you're worse than the Borg. At least they tell you about their plans for assimilation. You're more insidious. You assimilate people and they don't even know it.
SISKO: (After a smile?!) You know what, Mister Eddington? I don't give a damn what you think of the Federation, the Maquis, or anything else. All I know is that you betrayed your oath, your duty, and me. (Wow, this is the best the writers could come up with as a reply? Pathetic) And if it takes me the rest of my life, I will see you standing before a court-martial that'll break you and send you to a penal colony, where you will spend the rest of your days growing old and wondering whether a ship full of replicators was really worth it.

This line in the transcript also grabbed my attention:
A lady lizard is basking fully clothed on the hot rocks when the door opens
Two Cardassian Lizzies on the rocks...
Cardassians happen to be quite the deceptive silver-tongued race too.
Speaking of Lizzies, check out these from the TNG 1x06 episode:
We'll have more from Stargate Station in the future I'm sure.


Christopher Knowles said...

Love it! Keep 'em coming!!!

Christopher Knowles said...

That whole quote about the insidiousness of the Federation ties right into what I was talking about. I never saw that episode- very interesting stuff.

Christopher Knowles said...

Of course- It was written by Ronald D Moore!

dedroidify said...

Heh yeah CK, speaking of him I just saw the new "Caprica", slow start but quite good towards the ending! Got more DS9 episode posts coming up!

Rob Pugh said...

" I the only who thinks Avery Brooks is the worst actor in the entire Star Trek franchise?"


Yes. Yes you are. And now I know that your opinion can no longer be trusted. :)

Rule #1 is Thou Shalt Not Disrespect Hawk.

Also, the first half of the first season of Enterprise, and most of the 4th, was actually quite good. Everything else was pretty much unwatchable.

But DS9 was probably my favorite of the ST shows. And the new movie I enjoyed quite a bit as well.

LLAP. :)

dedroidify said...

hahahr, he's like a gay theatre actor who bribed the director to ignore him completely ;)

Oh is that some oil I see? Lets throw it on the fire, cause I love me some voyager ;p

Rob Pugh said...

God no. Voyager was fairly unwatchable. Meandering and pointless... though to be fair, I don't think I ever saw any eps past when Ronald Moore came on... I imagine that might've made a difference.