Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Just be a bit more patient & Dedroidify will be back in full force

Because... get this, I sign a contract with my mom to work for her and later take over her shop right, a half hour later I get a call that I'm hired as a Computer Operator for the Dental Laboratory I worked one day for to try for an administrative position, so me and mom ripped up our contracts and there ya go! When the time is right lol, my mom said "We should have signed that contract years ago ;p". I'm now meticulously scanning teeth sets in 3D and will a bit later learn to work with the 3D software to design everything that goes into your mouth to make it look prettier ;). Teeth Technician of the future! The designs are sent online to the manufacturer in real time and are created the very same day.
I've never known such a great atmosphere at a work place (I wanted to work there the first time because of it!) and it's great fun. Also, I have to get up very early but that means that no matter what I will have loads more time to post on the blog than when I was working at the shop (which was near impossible as you all saw). So give me a little more time to get used to the new hours and I'll start posting again in full force.

Also, this will give me more time and energy to get my Consciousness Training/Therapy off the ground. Check out this video, I label mostbunall (but not all) of these vids as huge BS, but this vid was eerily and humorously spot on, a buddy even asked for consciousness training help! Things are finally going my way again! Peace! All is right with the world!

Transition - May into June 2009


Michael Skaggs said...

Congrats my man!! Am so happy for you!! Sounds very cool and just what you needed! Right around the SOULstice energy window too!!


Peace dude!

dedroidify said...

Thanks bro! Peace

Figgs said...

Good to know things are going well for you! I want you to be in a good state of mind especially when you start posting again. :D