Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Push Trailer

Do they still make action movies that don't involve the paranormal? ;) [btw, remember labels in this and any post are just probable] The Lead actor in this has the facial expression range of Seagal and the movie was kinda disturbingly pushing very young Dakota Fanning's legs.
Who I saw last week in a bit of the terrible Spielberg's War of the Worlds again, geez she's annoying in that one. Tom Cruise-Control can drive anywhere through Alien-attacked New York and an area where a few planes crashed :p and while they flee NY both kids together ask the following just a little too much "IS IT THE TERRORISTS?" "WHAT IS IT? IS IT TERRORISTS?"

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Anonymous said...

Push was possibly one of worst movies I've ever seen. (I like Heroes and sci-fi and superhero movies)